6 Best Places to Travel During the Holiday Season

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Still trying to finalize your plans for Christmas? Consider taking a vacation. Traveling during the holidays is a great way to celebrate the season and experience Christmas in a change of scenery. Whether you’re traveling with your family, friends, or going solo, here are six of the best places to travel during the holiday season.

1. New York

If you want to experience the Christmas spirit first-hand, head over to New York during the holiday season! From the famous ice rink in Rockefeller Center, to a 76-foot Christmas tree, New York knows how to celebrate the holidays. Besides the spectacular decorations and family fun, this city that never sleeps is full of amazing places to shop like Saks Fifth Avenue, Tiffany’s, and Macy’s on 34th Street.

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2. Lake Tahoe

If you’re a fan of skiing, snowboarding, or just love a white Christmas, Lake Tahoe is the perfect spot for you. Nestled in the Northern California/Nevada Sierras, Lake Tahoe is beautiful this time of year with ice skating, snowmobiling, and even sleigh rides along the lake. This snow-filled spot is also full of cozy resorts and tons of places to get a warm meal and a good drink.

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3. London

If you’re looking to leave American soil this Christmas, head over to London for a festive-filled holiday season. With streets full of Christian lights, ice skating rinks, and Christmas markets full of treats, it’s no wonder that this city was the inspiration behind Charles Dickens’ novel A Christmas Carol. To make your holiday extra-enjoyable, make sure to visit some of London’s famous pubs including Spaniards Inn, The Mayflower, and Ye Olde Bell Tavern, just to name a few.

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4. Maui

Snow? Not here. If you’re looking to escape the winter chill and swap it for some sunshine, Maui is ideal. Full of great shopping, dining, and relaxation, this island is the perfect way to trade in the holiday hustle and bustle for some beachside lounging. Whether you’re taking up surfing lessons, snorkeling, or just sipping on Mai Tais, this vacation spot is a fun place to spend Christmas.

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5. San Francisco

One of the most eclectic cities on the planet, San Francisco is a great place to visit during the holiday season. With an 83-foot Christmas tree in Union Square hovering near an ice rink, the town is full lights, decorations, and busy shoppers. After you’ve gotten your fill of shopping and skating, head over to Fisherman’s Wharf for clam chowder and a view of the infamous Golden Gate Bridge. If you’re looking to splurge, Ghirardelli Square is full of tasty holiday treats that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

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6. Montreal

In you’re wanting to leave the country, but don’t want to go too far, consider Montreal in Canada. Thanks to the French influence, this charming city has a European feel and is absolutely lovely to visit during Christmas time. With their annual Santa Clause Parade, French-themed Défilé de Noël festival, and tons of Christmas fairs with food and fireworks, this town will definitely get you in the holiday mood.

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