American Landmarks That Almost Weren’t Made

It’s hard to imagine America without its iconic landmarks including the White House  (page 3) or the Statue of Liberty (page 11). Both of those landmarks almost didn’t exist among others across the country. Keep reading to learn which landmarks almost weren’t made, ahead.

Mount Rushmore

60-foot tall Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore | David McNew/Getty Images

  • Fun fact: Sensors on the monument track any movement so preservation steps can be taken immediately, according to the National Park Service.

Gutzon Borglum’s vision for Mount Rushmore didn’t come to fruition until 1998, according to National Parks Traveler. Borglum died during construction in 1941, according to Reader’s Digest. He never got to finish “carving out a secret room to store sensitive historical documents.”

Hint: Only a handful of people know where the time capsule is located.

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