These Are the Biggest Secrets That HGTV Stars Wanted to Hide

You probably know a lot about your favorite HGTV stars. After all, they share plenty of information about their personal lives on their shows, to say nothing of their social media accounts. Nonetheless, most of them don’t want to share everything with their fans. In fact, many of the most popular HGTV stars have had a secret or two that they wanted to hide. But as you might imagine, the truth has a way of coming out.

Read on to check out the biggest secrets that HGTV stars tried — and failed — to keep hidden.

1. Jonathan Scott kept his divorce a secret

He hid his divorce from the public for a long time. | Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Fans love Jonathan and Drew Scott of Property Brothers. But Jonathan wasn’t always completely honest about his personal life. He got married in 2007, but the couple gradually grew apart and then divorced. Jonathan wrote in a book with Drew that he kept the divorce a secret “because why put something so sad out there?”

But he eventually decided to open up about his divorce when the brothers were working on their book. “We wanted this to be an honest, unedited, unadulterated look at what our lives are like,” Jonathan said. “I think fans would feel like something was missing if we edited anything out. It was important for us to make it whole.”

Next: Scott likely wishes that this embarrassing event had stayed under wraps.

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