Bob Woodward’s ‘Fear’ Reveals Donald Trump’s Most Awkward Habits in the White House

Donald Trump has some strange habits and routines. Like Fire and Fury before it, Bob Woodward’s Fear: Trump in the White House makes some troubling revelations about the president and his administration. As Vox notes, “the book describes disturbing behavior by the president of the United States and claims that many of his aides actively work to counter what they see as his most destructive instructions.”

The book contains some never-before-reported details courtesy of the sources who talked to Woodward: Rob Porter, Gary Cohn, Steve Bannon, Reince Priebus, Lindsey Graham, and John Dowd. Fear reveals some shocking scenes that took place in the first 13 months of Trump’s presidency. And it also uncovers that Trump has a habit of doing some awkward things during his workdays at the White House.

We’ve combed through the book to find the most interesting details about what Trump is really like as a boss. Most Americans probably won’t like what they see.

1. Donald Trump gives people detailed driving directions

Donald Trump gets into his SUV after disembarking from Air Force One

Donald Trump gets into his SUV after disembarking from Air Force One. | Saul Loeb/ AFP/ Getty Images

As president, Donald Trump doesn’t drive, and he probably won’t anytime soon. But that apparently doesn’t stop him from giving detailed directions to colleagues who visit him at his various resorts and golf courses. Bob Woodward reports that when Steve Bannon met Trump at his Bedminster golf club, “Trump provided full driving instructions with more detail than Bannon had ever heard him give on anything.” Maybe he doesn’t know about Google Maps?

Next: He doesn’t like to be seen wearing these. 

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