Revealed: Everything We Know About the Government’s Secret Airline

The government keeps lots of secrets, including its UFO program and its plans for terrifying disaster scenarios. Only a little less outlandish? The secret airline, called JANET, that the government uses to covertly ferry people around. As it turns out, this secret airline not only flies under the radar, but also flies in and out of commercial airports.

Read on for all the most facts about JANET, including where the airline flies, who it transports, and the measures it takes to keep its mission a secret.

1. The airline is called JANET, but nobody knows why

JANET airplanes sit in the terminal

It hasn’t been made public what JANET stands for. | Alan Wilson/Wikimedia Commons

As Business Insider reports, the government’s secret airline is called JANET. And that’s how pilots identify their aircraft over air traffic radio. But nobody knows exactly what JANET stands for. It may mean “Just Another Non-Existent Terminal.” Or possibly “Joint Air Network for Employee Transportation.” But nobody — at least not anybody who’s spoken to the press — knows for sure.

Next: This is who owns the airline’s planes.

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