Hassle-Free Bathroom Cleaning Secrets You Need to Know

Keeping the bathroom clean is no small feat, especially when multiple people are sharing this high-traffic space. But dirty bathrooms are minefields of mold, mildew, and invisible germs.

University of Arizona professor of microbiology Charles Gerba has conducted studies of household bacteria and uncovered some really gross findings in the bathroom. Gerba tells Real Simple the sink drain has the highest amount of bacteria in the bathroom — even more than the toilet. In fact, it has as much as you’d find on a cutting board used to cut up raw meat.

Obviously it’s imperative to keep the bathroom clean. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a big ordeal. Follow some of these simple tricks for eliminating icky germs quickly and easily, without spending a whole lot of time doing it.

1. Do a little bit every day

hand in glove cleaning faucet

It just takes a few minutes a day to clean up. | iStock.com

Waiting weeks between cleanings can leave you with a much bigger project on your hands — and one that will take more time than it has to. Make a habit of doing a few basic cleaning tasks on a daily basis, so your regular deep cleans go faster and take less time. Wipe down counters, empty the trash, and give mirrors a quick wipe in five minutes flat.

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