Impractical Things Joanna Gaines Puts in Every ‘Fixer Upper’ House

We’re big fans of Joanna Gaines, the true star of HGTV’s¬†Fixer Upper. But we have a bone to pick with her design choices. Even though we love her signature farmhouse style, Gaines often puts form over function. In fact, she outfits many Fixer Upper homes with the same impractical items, house after house, season after season.

Let’s check out some of the pretty — but impractical — pieces Gaines loves to put in Fixer Upper homes (No. 14 is cute, no doubt, but not realistic for most of us).

1. White upholstery

White upholstery in a home on HGTV's 'Fixer Upper'

White upholstery is difficult to keep clean. |

Gaines loves a white, ivory, or light tan sofa. We do, too — just not in our own living rooms. Even the neatest people find it hard to keep a sofa immaculate. And all bets are off if you have children or pets in the house — not to mention occasional houseguests with a cocktail or a glass of wine in hand. Light-colored sofas look¬†beautiful in the open-concept living rooms that Gaines creates in house after house. We just can’t imagine it would continue to look so pristine if you lived a normal life around it.

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