Joanna Gaines Thinks Everybody Should Have These Beautiful Houseplants at Home

Want to add a distinctly Fixer Upper touch to your home? Of course, you can try out many of Joanna Gaines’ best design tips in your own house. But if you need a simple way to channel your inner Joanna in an afternoon, no costly renovations needed, just head to your local nursery.

Joanna routinely decorates the most beautiful homes on Fixer Upper with gorgeous houseplants. And most of them are easy to find and even easier to take care of!

Read on to get the scoop on the beautiful houseplants that Joanna Gaines thinks everybody should have at home.

1. Creeping jenny

Magnolia Market

The creeping jenny is normally a ground cover. | Magnolia Market

  • Botanical nameLysimachia nummularia

In a post on her blog, Joanna Gaines writes that she’s a “self proclaimed plant lady.” She has lots of favorite houseplants that show up in various episodes of Fixer Upper, starting with creeping jenny. Joanna explains that creeping jenny “can be used for groundcover, but I love the way it hangs happily over the side of the pot it’s planted in. This thing lives up to it’s name.” She explains that this pretty little plant “grows fast and can be pretty invasive. So keep that in mind when planting.”

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