These Are the Presidents Who Attended Harvard and Other Ivy League Schools (and How Donald Trump Compares)

An Ivy League education isn’t a requirement for presidential hopefuls. But given the educational credentials of our recent presidents, you’d be forgiven for assuming it is. Both Barack Obama and Donald Trump attended Ivy League universities. And they’re far from the first presidents to receive their educations at the most esteemed colleges and universities on the east coast.

Below, get the inside scoop on exactly which presidents attended Harvard University and other Ivy League schools. And get all the details on Donald Trump’s education, including the university where he started his undergraduate education before he became an Ivy League student, on page 16.

1. John Adams

President John Adams

He was the first president to attend an Ivy League school. | Wikimedia Commons

  • Harvard University: Class of 1755

The first president to attend an Ivy League school was John Adams. Town and Country notes that Adams enrolled at Harvard at the age of 16. Harvard Magazine reports that as an anxious 15-year-old, Adams had a harrowing experience taking his admission exam.

When he showed up in Camrbidge, Adams thought he had to translate an English passage into Latin without a dictionary. But was soon given a dictionary and a grammar textbook to help him — and passed the test.

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