The Many Scandals of Ivanka Trump

The Trump family is no stranger to scandal. Donald Trump has found himself at the center of many expensive scandals. Melania Trump has had her share of PR problems, too. And unsurprisingly, Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump’s favorite child, has had her own brush with controversy.

Below, check out the most memorable scandals that have affected Ivanka Trump so far.

1. She may have had plastic surgery

Ivanka Trump

People have speculated about her having plastic surgery. | Sean Gallup/Getty Images

 One of Ivanka Trump’s lingering scandals remains one of the most predictable. People continue to speculate about whether the first daughter had any “work” done. Some have posited that Ivanka had at least one plastic surgery to alter her nose. She may have undergone another procedure for breast augmentation. She may also have dental veneers. And some think that she started getting Botox, too. Plus, it seems that she doesn’t naturally have blonde hair, a color she has probably dyed it since childhood.

Next: Some of her scandals involve her place in the Trump White House. 

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