The Reasons Behind These Weird Dog Behaviors Might Surprise You

Dogs can be downright weird sometimes. Their baffling antics may make for some funny memes and Instagram posts, but have you ever stopped to wonder what was causing them to do crazy stuff like drag their butts across the living room carpet?

Most of these behaviors are totally normal. Sometimes, however, that funny thing your dog is doing may indicate a more serious medical condition, and it could be a sign you should call the vet. Ahead, we break down some of the wackiest canine behaviors and what they actually mean.

1. Chases his tail

dog chasing his tail

Check with your vet if it’s happening too often. | Alona Rjabceva/iStock/Getty Images

One of the most well-known weird dog behaviors is tail chasing. Sometimes, this endless loop of hilarious hijinks is just a way for a lively pup to burn off extra energy.

But if you notice your dog chasing his tail all the time, it may indicate an anal gland problem or something known as flea allergy dermatitis. Constant tail chasing could also be a sign of canine compulsive disorder — similar to OCD — which can be treated with proper medication.

If you notice that your dog is chasing his tail constantly or if you can’t distract him from doing it with his favorite toy, it may be a good idea to follow up with your vet.

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