The Worst Beaches in the United States

Headed to the beach? You’re not alone. Whether you’re going luxe with a visit to one of the best-rated, most beautiful beaches of Hawaii or you’re just taking a quick drive to the local swim hole, some beaches are worth the aggravating sand in your shorts (and your hair, and the car, and everywhere) while others are poorly reviewed by frequent visitors. Pollution or overall dirtiness are common complaints, along with other lesser known obstacles, such as rocky terrain or difficult access.

So is it worth the drive and lugging all the beach stuff if the end result is so disappointing? Read on to see the worst beaches in the U.S.

1. Manhattan Beach, New York

trash and pollution on sandy beach

Got trash? |

This Brooklyn beach destination is leagues away from an idyllic seaside retreat. According to Yelp reviewer Tommy K, “Trashy beach, meaning lots of trash on the beach — broken glass, plastic bags, chicken bones and wrappers of all sorts — and it makes its way into the water, everyone! Do you want to swim in trash? Some people don’t mind, but I do.”

Other complaints included dirty bathrooms, dark and possibly contaminated ocean water, loud music, unnecessary police interference, rowdiness, and, oddly enough, huge crowds. Sounds like you should just stick to other Big Apple activities if you’re in the area.

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