These Are America’s Most Expensive (and Least) Expensive Airports to Fly Out Of

The next time you’re thinking about traveling, consider the most (and least) expensive airports to fly out of in the country. If possible, fly out of one of the least expensive airports to save money. If that’s not an option, consider cost-saving tips for flying and these additional tips for making air travel as stress-free as possible. One thing is for sure, air travel is not what it used to be.

The rating system, explained

United airlines airplane in the newark airport

Expenses are more than just ticket cost. | Muratani/iStock/Getty Images

RewardExpert judges airports on four categories — No. 1) Getting to/from the airport, No. 2) Ticket prices, No. 3) Amenities, and No. 4) Food — to determine if they’re cheap or expensive. Each airport is ranked on a weighted scale of 0 to 100, 100 being the most favorable travel conditions. For an in-depth scoring explanation, read the methodology. We’ll start with the least expensive airports and work our way up to the most expensive.

Hint: This Florida party town has cheap flights.

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