These Are the Secrets Your Airline Pilot Won’t Tell You

Few people spend more time around airplanes than the pilots who fly them.

No matter how much you think you know about flying in the modern world, there are probably a few things you never realized about air travel that pilots wish you knew. Are they really sleeping in the cockpit and flying on autopilot? The truth may surprise you.

There are airplane myths, and then there are facts. Ahead, check out some of the things your airplane pilot never told you (but that they wish you knew).

1. Yes, they’re really flying the plane

Two pilots at work during departure

They don’t just use autopilot. | Rathker/iStock/Getty Images

Some people think pilots aren’t truly flying the plane because of autopilot, but that’s just not true. Think of autopilot like cruise control on your car — just because you can set a constant speed, it doesn’t mean you just stop paying attention.

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