Things Joanna Gaines Always Buys at Antique Stores on ‘Fixer Upper’

Unless you plan to move to Waco, Texas, you probably can’t get Joanna Gaines to design your home. But you can still give your home the Fixer Upper treatment. Just take a few cues from Chip and Joanna, who have outfitted home after home in their signature farmhouse-chic style.

Of course, antiques are a major part of that look. Diehard fans even follow the “Magnolia Trail” to shop at some of the antique stores that appear on the HGTV show. But you don’t need to go that far. You can get everything you need at your local antique store or flea market, especially if you know what Joanna herself would be looking for!

HGTV shares exactly what Chip and Jo are hoping to find every time they stop in at one of their favorite shops. Below, check out what those items are.

1. Bird cages

Vintage bird cages

They will make a great conversation starter. | Bbtomas/iStock/Getty Images

They don’t appear in every Fixer Upper house, but antique bird cages have a big impact when they make the cut. HGTV reports that Joanna often looks for these statement pieces at flea markets or antique stores. But if you want one, you should take your time shopping. You’ll find a wide variety of styles at an even wider variety of prices. The condition of each bird cage varies, too. Take your time to shop around and find one at the right price before you commit.

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