Things You Never Knew You Could Borrow From Hotels

Packing for a hotel stay can be a real drag, and nothing is worse than getting settled in your room and realizing you forgot to pack something. Lucky for you jet-setters, most hotels are equipped with the essentials to make your stay better. But some hotels offer things that are above and beyond — things you would never expect a hotel to supply you with. With the help of a couple resources, we compiled a list of 15 things you probably never knew you could borrow from a hotel.

Record players

Vintage record player |

In the age of mp3s and giant headphones, it’s always a trip to see an establishment with a phonograph. But as it turns out, there are hotels that feel listening to music the old-fashioned way is where it’s at. Reader’s Digest tells us the Stanford Court Hotel in San Francisco, California equips its rooms with a record player and a small collection of vinyl.

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