These Are the Things You Should Never Say to a TSA Agent

Want to get through airport security with minimal hassle? Then listen to the Transportation Security Administration agents’ instructions — and keep your mouth shut. The agency is extremely serious about safety. So saying the wrong thing to a TSA agent could get you in major trouble.

Check out the 19 things you should never, ever say to a TSA agent — at least not if you want to board your plane on time. (The statement on page nine qualifies as sexual harassment.)

1. Will you take a bribe?

Hundred dollar bills money

Slipping the TSA agent some cash won’t help your cause. | Sarinyapinngam/iStock/Getty Images

It doesn’t matter what you’d try to sneak a TSA agent; they cannot accept any sort of gift. So slipping security a $20 or even a chocolate bar when you’re running late is a big no-no. And travelers have tried it all. In fact, TSA employees don’t receive any of the perks crew members and flight attendants receive, such as free air travel.

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