This Is the Most Popular Dog Breed to Ever Live in the White House

Presidential pets have long been a staple in American pop culture. Think about it — where would we be had we never known Sunny and Bo, the Obamas’ Portuguese water dogs?

Not too surprisingly, there’s a long line of canines who’ve called the White House home, and we’re counting down to the No. 1 most popular dog breed among the U.S. presidents.

15. Mastiff

The Bullmastiff is a powerfully built animal with great intelligence and a willingness to please.

These gentle giants are great pets, but not many presidents have had one. | F8grapher/iStock/Getty Images

  • Number of dogs to have lived in the White House: Two

Quite possibly the first English mastiff Americans ever knew, Duke was the beloved family pet of Rutherford B. Hayes. A gentle giant, the mastiff was loving yet powerful, requiring light exercise and little grooming.

In addition to Duke, there was Blaze, a 135-pound English bullmastiff that belonged to Franklin Roosevelt’s son, Elliott Roosevelt. However, when Elliott was serving in the military, his duties overseas made it impossible for him to keep Blaze by his side. So, the dog was sent back to the states, where he briefly lived at the White House. Then, Anna Boettiger, Elliott’s sister, was able to send Blaze to Elliott’s wife in California.

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