Unique Destinations: 5 Tips for a One-of-a-Kind Vacation

Vacations don’t come around nearly often enough, so when they do, you should take advantage of them. Say goodbye to standard hotel rooms in a typical tourist destination. After all, would you rather have a hotel room with four boring walls or one that can offer you an underwater view? You’re unique — your vacation should be, too.

Here’s a list of “in your dreams” vacation ideas inspired by a USA Today report that will ensure you have a vacation to brag about.

Source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Earth_%26_Mir_(STS-71).jpg

1. Space ballooning

When Earth vacations start to get too drab, opt for a change in scenery with space tourism. Helium balloons can send tourists in a specially designed luxury capsule up to the edge of space. A four-hour flight will cost $75,000, but the view makes it all worth it. “Seeing the Earth hanging in the ink-black void of space will help people realize our connection to our home planet and to the universe around us,” World View CEO Jane Poynter said in a statement to USA Today. “It is also our goal to open up a whole new realm for exercising human curiosity, scientific research and education.”

Source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Hong_Kong_International_Airport_-_Hong_Kong_-_China.jpg

2. Luxury airports

Airports often symbolize the beginning of your vacation, but the relaxing doesn’t need to start as soon as your plane lands. Instead, have your trip begin the moment you set foot in your departure lounge. McDonald’s and Wi-Fi? Not anymore. Instead, opt for “a relaxation area with reclining chaise lounges, showers, and Clarins massages; and meals, wines, and champagne,” Travel + Leisure says. Here are a few airports providing you first-class travel:

  • Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport: Air France l’Espace Premiere lounge in Terminal 2E
  • New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport: American Airlines Flagship Lounge in Terminal 8 and the Admirals Club lounge in Concourse B
  • London’s Heathrow Airport: British Airways Concorde Room in Terminal 5
  • Hong Kong International Airport: Cathay Pacific the Pier at Gates 62-66, Northwest Concourse
  • John F. Kennedy’s Emirates Airlines Lounge in Terminal 4

Source: http://paradiseranch.net/paradise-ranch-pet-resort-for-dogs-and-cats/photo-gallery/

3. Pet hotels

It’s your dream vacation, and you want your four-legged friend to have one, too. Have a look at these pet hotels that are sure to get tails wagging.

  • Paradise Ranch Resort: Located in Sun Valley, California, Paradise Ranch is the first licensed, cage-free boarding facility for dogs in the country, according to the company’s website. Dogs are housed in rooms with their own beds and can take private swim and boogie-boarding lessons, as well as enjoy a massage, CBS Los Angeles reports. Rates are $65 a night or $55 a night for members with discounts for multiple dogs; daycare will run $35 a day.
  • The Barkley: Located in Orange Village, Ohio, this hotel includes separation materials, techniques, and technology to help minimize your dog’s stress. With three personal exercise breaks, maid/linen service and a pool, The Barkley says your dog won’t even have time to miss you. With a nightly rate of $29, you’ll get a doggone good night’s rest knowing Fido that is well cared for.
  • The Wags Club: This boutique pet hotel in Los Angeles offers your best friend the chance to lounge in style or play all day. It has an indoor/outdoor dog park, pool, cabanas, spa and grooming room, as well as media and musical entertainment. Prices range from $15 to $30 for half- or full-day care and overnight boarding for $40.

Source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Luxury_Diesel_Pushers_Motorhome_Cockpit_-_Class_A_Tuscany_by_Thor_Motor_Coach.jpg

4. RV luxury

Not ready to spend thousands of dollars on hotel rooms and airline tickets? Then bypass that and splurge millions on the world’s most luxurious RVs. “They truly feel like a home on wheels,” said Eileen Sodell of Roaming Times. “If long-distance travel is your goal, it is the difference between flying coach and flying first class.” Most of these RVs include amenities such as granite countertops, gourmet kitchens, high-tech entertainment systems, and plush furniture. There’s nothing like hitting the road in style.

Source: http://www.atlantisthepalm.com/aboutatlantis.aspx

5. Unique hotels

Have you been dying for a fish’s-eye view into an aquarium? Or maybe you’re hoping for a suite made entirely of ice? Either way, here are some hotel options to ensure you won’t want to leave your room — because why see the sights when you can look at your walls and take in the Northern Lights?

    • Atlantis The Palm in Dubai offers the Signature Underwater Suite, a three-story suite in which the walls provide an uninterrupted view into an aquarium. Imagine arriving to your suite and descending into the perfect aquatic-themed accommodation.
    • Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas has a two-story sky villa that includes a personal glass elevator, 9,000 square feet, a glass-enclosed pool, and private massage and fitness rooms. If you’re looking for something a little more girly, the Barbie Suite is the ultimate bachelorette pad. The suite’s pretty in pink decor includes corseted lace-up chairs, custom Barbie art, and terrazzo bubble floors.
    • V8 Hotel in Germany brings you theme-based rooms that include beds that are made of vintage cars. Built on a former airport, some of the views include exclusive looks at an airfield.
    • 27 Fuselage Home in Costa Rica offers you the chance to sleep in a refurbished 1965 Boeing 727. The fully outfitted, two-bedroom jet sits on a jungle canopy, offering you a view that will make it feel as though you’re flying.
    • IceHotel in Sweden brings you the coolest kind of luxury. Built of snow and ice, IceHotel allows you to chill between December and mid-April, when everything begins to slowly melt. The hotel is constructed each year in November and December. It includes ice rooms, snow rooms, a Northern Lights suite, and an ice bar.

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