Unusual Tips Americans Can Learn From Our Armed Forces

The people (and animals) who serve in our armed forces are heroes. They’re also really good at life hacks. We can learn a thing or two from these military men and women who find creative ways to handle nearly any situation. The next time you need a life hack, try one of these tricks.

1.  Pack without using several suitcases

Smiling man with luggage
Prioritize one bag. | Westend61/Getty Images
  • You can master the art of packing t-shirts, pants, and socks to fit more clothes in a smaller bag.

It’s common to fill at least one large suitcase for a week’s vacation. After all, you need many casual clothes, beach clothes, “nicer” clothes, and much more, right? When you’re in the armed forces, however, you must be ready to roll out at any time.

Next: A minor inconvenience for civilians is a big deal for the military.

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