These Are the Weirdest Things TSA Won’t Let You Take Through Airport Security

Any time you fly, you probably spend at least a few minutes thinking about what the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will think of your baggage. You probably know most of the TSA’s rules, like how you have to take off your shoes and separate your plastic bag full of liquids to get through airport security.

Most of the things that the TSA allows — and prohibits — travelers to take through the security checkpoint make a lot of sense. But spend enough time reading through the agency’s rules, and you’ll encounter a few oddball items. For instance, something that might be in your shoes right now can get you into big trouble at the security checkpoint.

Below, check out the weirdest things that TSA won’t let you take through airport security.

1. Magic 8 ball

Magic 8 Ball

Maybe the liquid inside is the problem. | Walmart

A Magic 8 ball seems pretty harmless. However, you can’t pack one in your carry-on bag, probably thanks to the liquid inside. (In case you were wondering, that liquid doesn’t actually fill the whole Magic 8 ball. And if we had to guess, this popular toy probably contains a lot less than the allowed 3.4 ounces of liquid!) The TSA quips, “For carry-on bags: We asked the Magic 8 ball, and it told us, ‘Outlook not so good!’ For checked bags: We asked the Magic 8 ball, and it told us, ‘It is certain!'”

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