You Won’t Believe the Most Unique Pets Ever to Live at the White House

First pets are nothing new, but in recent years it’s been all about the canines. Typically, presidents — except for Trump, as of now — have had at least one adorable pooch that the country grows to know and love through snapshots of its life at the White House. But you may be surprised to learn that a whole host of other, not-so-typical animals have had their run of the White House grounds, too, according to the Presidential Pets Museum.

From alligators to raccoons, we’ve rounded up the rarest pets to ever step foot on White House property. And who knows, maybe this list will inspire President Trump to join the ranks of his predecessors.

1. Grizzly bear cubs

bears in woods

Two bear cubs had a short stint of living on the White House lawn. |

While George Washington and John Adams had dogs and horses — both of which were standard for the time — it wasn’t until our third president in office that things really got exciting. Kicking the pet game into high gear, Thomas Jefferson received two grizzly bear cubs as a gift.

Naturally, the White House was no place for them, and Jefferson planned to send them to his friend’s museum in Philadelphia. However, before he transferred them, the bears spent two months at the White House, where they sat in a cage on public display on the front lawn.

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