You Won’t Believe What Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Kids Can’t Have Until College

Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines share much of their life on the show and on social media. Frequent viewers of the hit TV series get to see some of what their life is like while they raise a family and run multiple businesses. But there’s still a lot that goes on behind the scenes that would interest viewers and non-viewers alike, particularly when it comes to the couple’s four adorable kids.

Let’s take a quick look at 16 fascinating Gaines family facts, including what the kids aren’t allowed to have until college (No. 6).

1. Chip thought the HGTV offer was a scam

Thankfully, they gave it a shot. | HGTV

A producer at HGTV first saw Joanna’s design work when she stumbled upon her blog. After seeing her potential, the producer called Joanna and expressed her interest in creating a show for the network. Interestingly, when Joanna gave Chip the news, he thought it was a hoax. But, even though her husband was skeptical, Joanna returned the HGTV producer’s call, and Chip and Jo were filming Season 1 of Fixer Upper just a few months later.

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