You’ll Never Believe Which Dog Breeds Are on the Brink of Extinction

Yes, dog breeds go in and out of popularity. Who knows why? Regardless, some breeds that have lost popularity might be in danger of disappearing altogether. Some breeds you might never have even seen, such as the smooth collie on page 5 or the Gordon setter on page 6.

Keep reading to find out which dog breeds you might not be seeing in the future. If you like any, get one now, not later.

1. Irish red and white setter

Irish red and white setter walking in the field

These sweet pups need lots of exercise and training. | WaveTop/iStock/Getty Images

The Irish red and white setter is actually a separate breed from the red Irish setter. They’re gentle and devoted, according to CBS News, but unfortunately, they’re difficult to train and they need a lot of exercise. Because breeders favor the all-red setters, the read and whites are in danger. Only 64 were registered in 2015.

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