Traveling with Kids: 15 Top Tips You Need to Know

Whether you’re flying to a tropical paradise or packing up the car for a family camping trip, traveling with kids adds a whole new level of stress to any excursion. But just because you’re braving your next vacation with young children — whether they’re your kids, grandkids, or nieces and nephews — it doesn’t mean your journey has to be difficult. In fact, if you follow these simple tips from veteran parents, traveling with kids can be downright enjoyable. Yes, seriously.

Ahead, check out all the simple things you can do to make traveling with children a breeze.

1. Pack lightly

woman packing suitcase

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Take everything you think you need to bring along for your kids and then pack exactly half that amount. Most people tend to overpack when they’re traveling with children, and the more you bring, the more stressed out you’ll be. Have a washer and dryer where you’re staying? Only bring a few outfits and wash them while you’re there.

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2. Bring help

Little girl with her mature babysitter or nanny

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Whether you invite your babysitter to tag along or you ask your mother-in-law, bringing help on vacation can be the difference between feeling stressed and being relaxed. An extra set of hands can be well worth the extra spend, and it’ll allow you and your partner to sneak away for a little alone time if you want.

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3. Leave special things at home

Small girl with toy

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Your child’s favorite toy. That fancy shirt. A priceless piece of jewelry. Inevitably things can get lost or ruined on vacation, especially when you’re dealing with kids. Be smart about what you pack and only bring stuff that you wouldn’t be devastated to lose on your trip.

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4. Drive overnight

kids asleep in back of car

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The best way to keep kids from getting bored during long car rides? Travel while they’re asleep. Whether you leave before the sun comes up or opt to take the redeye flight, departing for your trip during sleep time can make the transition easier for little ones.

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5. Schedule your time

Family vacation snorkeling

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Back before you had kids, an unscheduled trip may have felt like freedom. But with small children in tow, not having an itinerary can be a recipe for disaster. Make sure to look up things to do with kids ahead of time so you’re not stuck scrambling for activities at the last minute.

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6. Don’t overcommit

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While it’s smart to have a rough idea of what you’ll be doing on vacation each day, it’s unwise to jam-pack every waking minute with activities. There’s a good chance your family isn’t used to doing that many things in one day and overextending everyone can lead to exhaustion and crankiness for kids.

Your best bet? Schedule plenty of break times in between each planned event, especially if there’s a lot of walking involved.

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7. Plan a “free day”

Family in hotel room on vacation

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Veteran Disney-goers know that you don’t need park tickets for every day of your stay — in between all those rides and experiences, it can be therapeutic to spend at least one day hanging by the hotel pool and taking it easy.

No matter where you’re going, planning a free day into your trip is smart. That way you have time to explore that little tourist attraction that wasn’t in the guidebook. Or, you know, take a long nap in the afternoon.

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8. Bring a tablet

School kids with tablet pc

Tablets |

Yes, limiting screen time for children is important. But rules were meant to be broken, and long flights are the perfect time to loosen up a little bit. Pre-load electronic devices with educational apps, movies, and games, be sure you have parental controls in place, and let go of any guilt you may have about it.

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9. Pack a surprise

Children playing with wooden toys

Kids play with their toys. | FamVeld/iStock/Getty Images

Ever notice how kids become enamored with new toys for at least a day before they lose interest? Use that tendency to your advantage and purchase small, inexpensive new toys for the trip to keep them occupied during travel time or on rainy days.

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10. Bring enough snacks

Children eating their snacks

Snacks | Kristian Dowling/Getty Images

Hangry (hungry + angry) toddlers are no joke. Always bring more snacks than you think you’ll need. Skip the sugary treats, which will only lead to blood sugar spikes and crashes. Opt for healthier options like applesauce packets, peanut butter crackers, and trail mix.

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11. Skip the hotel

Family arriving at vacation rental

Vacation rental | monkeybusinessimages/iStock/Getty Images

One way to make your vacation feel like home is to rent an actual home. Instead of cramming into a couple hotel rooms and using the microwave to heat your meals, consider renting out a house from Airbnb or staying at a vacation condo. You’ll have more room to spread out, plus you’ll be able to cook meals at home, which could save you hundreds.

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12. Splurge a little

family with suitcases in the airport

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Sure, it costs less to take the subway. But when you have three overtired children and a pile of luggage in tow, it’s worth it to pay the upcharge and take a taxi instead. Work these convenience charges into your overall vacation budget so you don’t have to think twice about it.

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13. Stay with family

family sitting on sofa

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Cousins in Cleveland? Sister in Sacramento? Working a family visit day into your vacation plans is a great idea when you’re traveling with kids. For one thing, it’ll save you money if you stay overnight (assuming your relatives don’t charge you). Plus, family bonding time is priceless.

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14. Budget for souvenirs

London souvenir shop shot glasses

Souvenirs | Shaun Taylor/iStock/Getty Images

They may be overpriced, but you need to accept the fact that your kids will want souvenirs. Take this as an opportunity to teach them about budgeting by giving each child a set amount of money and letting them pick out their own items and paying for them independently.

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15. Let things go

Family in swimming pool

Family in swimming pool | Halfpoint/Getty Images

Traveling with kids isn’t going to be perfect no matter how much you plan for it. Whether you forget their suitcase or someone gets carsick, accepting the flaws of family vacation time will make everyone less stressed. Embrace the craziness and revel in the knowledge that you’re creating precious family memories that will last a lifetime.

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