Trump and Kim Shared a Historic Meal That Was Basically Applebee’s

The 2018 Singapore Summit will go down in history as the first time the sitting leaders of the U.S. and North Korea met face-to-face. To boot, President Trump and Kim Jong Un shook one another’s hand, producing a major sigh of hope and relief around the globe. After the two met, they broke bread together for lunch. Yet, the menu seemed a bit, well, lackluster. Follow along to find out more on the historic meal that was strangely similar to something found on an Applebee’s menu.

1. The first handshake happened at the Capella Hotel

Capella hotel in Sentosa island resorts in Singapore

Capella hotel on Sentosa island, Singapore | Roslan Rahman/AFP/Getty Images

Capella Hotels and Resorts encompasses five-star luxury accommodations sprinkled all over the globe. The high-end waterfront hotel in Singapore is more like a compound, neighbored by a Universal Studios and outfitted with full-service restaurants, a luxury spa, and easy access to Palawan Beach. However, the resort will now go down in history as the location of the first handshake between the United States and North Korean leaders.

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2. Many say the dinner was reminiscent of a 1950s meal

U.S. President Donald Trump Arrives In Singapore Ahead Of The U.S.-DPRK Summit Kim Jong Un

One of Trump’s meals in Singapore | Singapore’s Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI)/via Getty Image

Although oysters Rockefeller didn’t make the menu, food critics could not quit raving about the similarities the menu shared to one found that could have been found in the 1950s. Sure, there may not have been a tuna noodle casserole, deviled eggs, or a gelatin salad on the table, but the offerings were not far off from that.

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3. The appetizers infused Korean and American cuisine

An appetizer plate of tiger shrimp

An appetizer plate of tiger shrimp | MSPhotographic/iStock/Getty Images

Nothing screams the 1950s like prawns, however, the ones served to Trump and Kim were coupled with an avocado salad. The leaders also had the choice of indulging in a green mango kerabu (rice dish) topped with a honey lime dressing and a side of octopus or Oiseon — a Korean-style stuffed cucumber.

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4. The main course was fit for meat eaters

Sweet and Sour Pork.

Sweet and Sour Pork | hirophoto/iStock/Getty Images

Both leaders have a true love for the fineries in life. Although Kim’s diet preferences are lesser known, it is rumored that he loves fine cheeses, caviar, and Brazilian coffee. On the other hand, there are no big secrets around President Trump’s love of meat. He has a real soft spot for McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken. Needless to say, the lunch options were not catering to vegetarians.

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5. Pork and beef were the choices

B.B.Q. Short Ribs

Beef short ribs | iStock/Getty Images

One thing is for sure, a good way to satiate Trump and Kim Jong Un’s appetite is through classic meat dishes. The two were given three options for the main course of their lunch, two of which embraced Western and Eastern fare. The beef short ribs were served with potatoes and broccoli and were topped a red wine sauce. As for the pork, it was prepared crispy with a sweet and sour sauce and paired with fried rice and a chili sauce.

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6. There was a Korean fish option too

Abstract shallow DOF closeup on grilled sablefish with soy source over ceramic dish

Cod fish | nattul/iStock/Getty Images

It was only appropriate that Capella offered a Korean-infused lunch option, and it came in the form of a fish dish. Known as Daegu Jorim, this course included a soy-braised cod fish accompanied with Asian vegetables. Korean fare that may be more familiar to Western palettes includes Kimchi — a fermented cabbage salad — or steamed dumplings.

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7. Chocolate ganache and Haagen Daz for dessert

Homemade Organic Vanilla Ice Cream

Ice cream | Bhofack2/iStock/Getty Images

Nothing screams Western-style dessert like a chocolate ganache and ice cream. Of course, the ice cream was Haagen Daz, and who can say “no” to that? As for the ganache, it was a dark chocolate tartlet version that was certainly equally as difficult to turn down.

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