Trump’s Favorite Lies Reveal His Secret Obsessions

Donald Trump doesn’t exactly have the best track record in his personal life. He has been a part of over 3,500 lawsuits, and each of his three marriages have held some pretty dark secrets. So perhaps it’s no surprise to anyone that Trump has told more proven lies than any president in history. And believe it or not, analyzing his favorite lies can tell you a lot about who he is and what he cares about.

How the lies are proven

trump in a dark suit on a tan chair with his hands up

Fact checkers are working overtime on all his claims. | Kevin Dietsch-Pool/Getty Images

As of mid-November, records showed Trump had told 1,628 false or misleading claims. The Washington Post has been keeping careful track, hiring fact-checkers to check sources for data to back up his statements. He averages between five and nine lies per day, and he has parroted the same 50 false or misleading claims three or more times. And it’s in those claims that you’ll discover what his obsessions are.

These are a few of the President’s “favorite” lies and what they reveal about him.

Obamacare is “essentially dead”

Donald Trump

They have repeatedly failed to replace it. | Win McNamee/Getty Images.

It was no secret that when Trump ran for office, he was out to repeal the Affordable Care Act and destroy Obamacare. He has repeatedly said that “Obamacare is essentially dead” and that we “shouldn’t even mention it.” In fact, Obamacare is not dead, and this administration has failed to repeal and replace it. The truth is that the Trump administration slashed the budget for open enrollment by 90 percent and cut the budget for enrollment counselors by 90 percent.

Being solely focused on undoing the previous administration’s work — rather than looking at the facts and statistics and determining how to make it better — shows that Trump cares more about destroying the previous administration’s legacy than he does helping the American people.

This is the “highest stock market” the country has ever seen

Donald Trump during debate

His results are behind both Obama and Clinton. | Scott Olson/Getty Images.

The stock market has made consistent gains under the Trump administration, which he loves to take credit for. He has repeated “We have the highest stock market we’ve ever had” at least 57 times. This is a big flip-flop for Trump, who often claimed that stock market gains under Obama were “artificial” and “a bubble.”

The fact is, Trump ranks sixth in stock market performance — behind both Obama and Clinton. The fact that he is so fixated on his high stock market numbers shows he wants the country to believe he is a competent and professional business man … and he may even be trying to convince himself.

 Companies are “moving back” to the United States

Trump waiting for dinner at the UN

He’s trying to take credit for things that aren’t his doing. | Brendan Smialowski /AFP/Getty Images.

Trump has repeated many times that “Companies are moving into the United States. A lot of companies are moving. They’re moving back. They want to be there. The enthusiasm levels are the highest ever recorded on the charts.” It seems that our president keeps trying to take credit for things that were already in the works before he assumed his role.

For example, Trump has repeatedly taken credit for Ford’s decision to abandon its plans to open a factory in Mexico and instead expand its Michigan plant. But apparently Ford’s decisions has more to do with their long-term goals to invest in electric vehicles than the administration. Also, the decision was initially made in 2014, when Obama was in office. This shows that Trump is obsessed with being seen as the President who is “making America great again,” just as he promised.

 The administration is working on the “biggest tax cut” in history

Donald Trump squinting and pinching his fingers together

Just a little lie. | Win McNamee/Getty Images

“We’re working to give the American people a giant tax cut for Christmas. We are giving them a big beautiful Christmas present in the form of a tremendous tax cut. It will be the biggest cut in the history of our country.” Donald Trump has repeated this claim 40 times as of last month.

The truth is that estimates vary due to a lack of information and the fact that the plan keeps changing. But either way, it will fall short of the largest in history. This shows that Trump is concerned with being seen as someone trustworthy who keeps his promises to the American people … but he’s also privately obsessed with being liked by his wealthy chums.

The U.S. has the lowest unemployment rate in 17 years

donald trump's face in white shirt, red tie

It’s been decreasing long before he took over as president. | Mario Tama/Getty Images

Trump has claimed 33 times that our country has the lowest unemployment rating in 17 years. And while this is actually true, once again, Trump was way too quick to claim credit. Employment has been steadily increasing since at least 2013, according to Jennifer Hunt, former Chief Economist of the U.S. Department of Labor. Any president—not just Trump—is likely not to have as big of an impact on job creation statistics as they might claim. Also, Trump now uses data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is a flip-flop from his previous claims dismissing the BLS unemployment rate as “nonsense.”

Trump clearly has an obsession with “winning,” which is evident by his previous (and current) speeches. Taking credit for job creation is a way to stroke his own ego.

Don’t worry, though, it’s fine to lie

Trump in a dark suit and a red tie gives the thumbs up

His supporters are blind to his lies. | Spencer Platt/Getty Images

While Trump will always argue that his claims are true, he has also been quoted as saying that it’s okay for him to lie, because people agree with him. In that case, he was speaking about his false claims that there were millions of illegal votes cast in the 2016 election, despite a complete lack of evidence. But it’s clear that Trump is a man who surrounds himself with those who agree with him — and, despite the fact that he has the lowest approval rating in modern history, he is obsessed with people liking him and thinking he’s right.

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