Here Are All the Hilarious Things Twitter Trusts More Than Donald Trump

U.S. President Donald Trump makes a statement on the Las Vegas mass shooting at the Diplomatic Room of the White House

U.S. President Donald Trump makes a statement on the Las Vegas mass shooting at the Diplomatic Room of the White House. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

Everybody knows that Donald Trump’s favorite past-time is tweeting. For better or worse, the President of the United States spends quite a lot of his time saying whatever comes to his mind on Twitter, no matter the local or global consequences. But sometimes, Twitter fights back. Recently, users began using the hashtag #ThingsITrustMoreThanTrump, and the results were hilarious. We went and found the best of the best from the hashtag on Twitter, compiling them here for your viewing pleasure.

20. Dinner with Jeffrey Dahmer

A tweet of #ThingsITrustMoreThanTrump

We think most people would agree with this. | Mrs. Creole Princess via Twitter

Is the dinner at his house, or is it a dinner party at a local restaurant?

19. Free hugs

#ThingsITrustMoreThanTrump tweet

We don’t love the looks of that. | Jack Tweets via Twitter

This looks legit, and people that dislike Donald Trump could probably use a hug.

18. A variety of scary things

#ThingsITrustMoreThanTrump tweet

You know it’s bad if Bill Cosby’s involved. | Jay Valenz via Twitter

It just keeps getting worse.

17. Gas station sushi

#ThingsITrustMoreThanTrump tweet

We can’t imagine what the running shoes are like. | Atheist Bear Jew via Twitter

A classic. Nobody should ever eat raw fish served in a gas station, period.

16. Used car salesmen

#ThingsITrustMoreThanTrump tweet

This says a lot. | Dan Anthony via Twitter

It says a lot that someone would trust a used car salesmen, who gets paid to lie, more than Donald Trump … who lies pathologically.

15. Questionable candy

#ThingsITrustMoreThanTrump tweet

Yikes. | ImKryan via Twitter

A good reminder to check that Halloween candy.

14. Bill O’Reilly

#ThingsITrustMoreThanTrump tweet

It’s bad if you trust Chucky more than Trump. | mach229 via Twitter

This one may cross the line; nobody should ever trust Bill O’Reilly. For any reason.

13. Old man yells at chair

#ThingsITrustMoreThanTrump tweet

We wonder what Clint Eastwood has to say about this. | Craig Rozniecki via Twitter

The chair would never start a nuclear war, at least.

12. Free puppies and candy!

#ThingsITrustMoreThanTrump tweet

We don’t trust this van, either. | Wacko Jacko via Twitter

Since when did they start giving out puppies and candy from the same van?

11. The Detroit Lions

#ThingsITrustMoreThanTrump tweet

Throwing the Lions under the bus | Lenny Sundahl via Twitter

The Lions have won exactly one playoff game the last 30 years.

10. Stupid theories

#ThingsITrustMoreThanTrump tweet

It’s bad if you trust this more than Trump. | E Miller via Twitter

Nobody share this with Kyrie Irving.

9. A compilation of liars

#ThingsITrustMoreThanTrump tweet

We almost forgot about this gang. | J Hougen via Twitter

Wait, but these people were paid specifically to lie for Trump.

8. Legitimacy of this autograph

#ThingsITrustMoreThanTrump tweet

We’re betting this autograph isn’t real. | E Miller via Twitter

Please do not pay money for this on eBay. We’re almost positive it’s not real.

7. Rick Sanchez in any scenario, really

#ThingsITrustMoreThanTrump tweet

This pretty much sums it up. | Carlos J. Santillano via Twitter

Rick is legitimately a sociopath, but then again so is Trump. Tough call.

6. Pets with food

#ThingsITrustMoreThanTrump tweet

We don’t trust our cats with our chicken. | Think Gooder Bigly via Twitter

Real question: Do cats like Kentucky Fried Chicken? We have no clue.

5. Pennywise

#ThingsITrustMoreThanTrump tweet

This is one clown we really don’t want to run into. | emilia_2017 via Twitter

A clown could tempt me into the sewer before Trump could.

4. No Clue

#ThingsITrustMoreThanTrump tweet

We never trusted Colonel. | Carrie Elizabeth via Twitter

In the library with the candlestick, sure. But what about in the study with the revolver?

3. A clearly lying child

#ThingsITrustMoreThanTrump tweet

Children can’t be trusted — but maybe when compared with Trump, they can be. | Talvin via Twitter

Telling you he didn’t draw on the wall while holding a marker seems exactly like something Trump would do.

2. That Nigerian Prince email

#ThingsITrustMoreThanTrump tweet

Yeah, this is bad. | Susie D via Twitter

If you ever get an email from Donald Trump asking for your checking account info, do not respond.

1. Taco Bell farts

#ThingsITrustMoreThanTrump tweet

We can’t imagine eating this much Taco Bell. | Tweety McRanterson via Twitter

Why would you eat Taco Bell for three days straight in the first place? That can’t be good for your digestive system.

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