15 U.S. Cities Losing Millions in Tourism Business Under Donald Trump

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As an economic force, the American tourism industry has few equals. According to U.S Travel Association, one in nine jobs feeds off it. Aviation workers, shop owners, tour guides, hotel staff, taxi drivers, restaurant employees, and bartenders — along with so many other middle-class professions — need a robust tourism industry to survive.

So when a successful hotel owner became 45th president of the United States, this sector seemed poised for growth. Instead, President Donald Trump issued a travel ban and started tweeting hostile messages to nations around the globe. Not surprisingly, foreign tourists responded by taking their vacations elsewhere. In total, forecasters at Tourism Economics estimated the industry lost $2.7 billion in the months after Trump took office.

Data from the U.S. Department of Commerce backs up these numbers. Through the first five months of 2017, foreign arrivals to America sank 2.8%, equal to nearly 1 million people.  In short, it appears the predicted Trump tourism slump is real. Here are 15 cities that have lost millions since Trump took office. Tourism is the life-blood of No. 11.

1. Washington, D.C.

Trips to our nation’s capital are not only a must for American kids in elementary school. Likewise, Canadian schoolchildren frequently came south to see Washington, D.C.’s excellent museums and attractions. However, following the travel ban’s issue in March, the Toronto District School Board suspended all trips to the U.S.

Officials cited the potential for students to be turned away at the border. With some 250,000 students from Toronto alone crossing the U.S. off their travel list, Washington has felt the burn from the White House’s newest resident.

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