These Are the Unbelievable Amenities You’ll Find on the World’s Best Cruise Ships

These days, cruise ships seem to have every amenity under the sun. But only a select few of them offer amenities unique enough to make this list. Check out some of the unbelievable things you can experience on the world’s best cruise ships.

An ice bar on the Norwegian Getaway

Norwegian cruise line ice bar

Norwegian Getaway’s ice bar | Norwegian Cruise Line via Facebook

While most people might go on cruises to soak up some rays, you can also experience a bar like no other at sea: The Svedka and Inniskillin Ice Bar, which is made completely of ice. Everything except the floors, even down to the drinking glasses, is carved from ice. And the bar remains at a constantly chilly 17 degrees Fahrenheit. Sip on cold cocktails and take in the exciting experience of this one-of-a-kind bar.

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An over-the-sea walkway on the Royal Princess

Seawalk Princess Cruises

Seawalk | Princess Cruises

The Royal Princess ship has something known as the Seawalk, where guests can enjoy sea views that no other ship offers. This over-the-ocean glass walkway stretches 60 feet long for you to enjoy incredible ocean views. It stands 128 feet above sea level, allowing passengers to soak in their whole at-sea experience. Plus, there’s a bar right across from the walk, so you can walk along the pathway and then stop for a cocktail.

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Gourmet cooking classes on the Oceania Riviera

Oceania cooking classes

Riviera Culinary Center Classes | Oceania Cruises

If you’ve always wanted to take a cooking class and happen to be on Oceania’s Riviera cruise ship, there is no better time than now. You can actually work hands-on with gourmet chefs to prepare all kinds of meals. Brunch classes, pasta classes, desserts, and more are available. More than two-dozen options are offered, and the classes only allow a limited number of people to ensure you’re getting lots of attention from the chef.

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An ice rink on Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas

Ice skating royal caribbean

Ice skating | Royal Caribbean International

Would you rather sit on the beach or skate around on an indoor ice rink? On Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas, you can do both. And actually, many of Royal Caribbean’s ships offer ice skating now, so you can check and see if your ship offers it. You can also rent skates for free, or the cruise line allows you to bring your own. One thing to note is if you want to skate, remember to pack a pair of long pants; all guests are required to wear long pants while skating. Helmets are required, too. (They are provided by the cruise ship.)

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A real grass lawn on Celebrity’s Solstice ships

The Lawn Club | Celebrity Cruises

The Lawn Club | Celebrity Cruises

Just because you’re at sea doesn’t mean you can’t relax in the park. Known as The Lawn Club, this grassy area lets guests enjoy a picnic, play croquet, or dine at the restaurant nearby, all while experiencing a grassy lawn at sea. Plus, you can enjoy live music during the day, too. It’s the only deck of its kind on any cruise ship, so be sure to take advantage of it if you book a Celebrity Solstice cruise.

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Unlimited in-suite spa treatments on the Regent Seven Seas Explorer

woman getting a massage

Woman getting a massage | petrenkod/iStock/Getty Images

If you’re looking for a high-class, luxury cruise, check out the Regent Seven Seas Explorer. If you stay in the ship’s Regent Suite, you can have unlimited spa treatments, which are built into the cost of the trip. And if the spa treatments weren’t enough, the suite also comes with a sauna and a glass-enclosed hot tub. Plus, enjoy a view of the see from three sides of the suite. And you get a personal car to explore ashore, too.

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A ‘snow room’ on the Viking Star

Viking Star snow grotto

The ‘snow grotto’ | Viking Cruises

The snow grotto on the Viking Star is a glass-enclosed room filled with manmade snow that’s accessible to all guests on the ship. It’s meant to emulate a Scandinavian bathing ritual, where guests first spend time in a warm temperature then switch to a colder one. Spend five or 10 minutes in the sauna, then go relax in the snow grotto (wearing only your bathing suit) for another five minutes. It’s might be a cold experience, but it’s one you’ll be glad you did.

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