Unhealthy Foods Celebrities Refuse to Eat

Celebrities have access to the best nutritionists, personal chefs, and trainers in the business. So when they dish on their diets, we can’t help but be interested in what they’re eating (and what they refuse to put on their plates). Sure, some celebrities promote junk food through commercials and advertisements. And many occasionally indulge in unhealthy food. (They — and you — probably deserve the occasional cheat day or sweet indulgence.) But many celebrities stick to relatively strict diets.

So which unhealthy foods have your favorite athletes, movie stars, and models sworn off? Some adhere to strict diets and cut out lots of food groups. And some have some pretty weird eating habits. But many of them avoid the same kinds of foods we all cut out when we’re trying to lose weight or eat a healthier diet. Read on to find out which foods are off-limits in celebrities’ households.

1. Cheeseburgers

huge cheesebuger on a plate

Tom Brady steers clear of cheeseburgers. | iStock.com

New York Magazine learned that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady doesn’t eat cheeseburgers. “I don’t believe you could be a 39-year-old quarterback in the NFL and eat cheeseburgers every day,” Brady explains. “I want to be able to do what I love to do for a long time.” Another interesting feature of Brady’s diet? He has also never tried strawberries or coffee. That probably won’t change anytime soon. “I’ve never eaten a strawberry in my life. I have no desire to do that,” Brady tells the publication. Never? “Absolutely not.”

2. Cocktails

Negroni cocktail with orange

Kourtney Kardashian cuts out cocktails. | iStock.com

Many celebs do their best to cut sugar out of their diets. And People reports that for Kourtney Kardashian, an important part of that strategy is avoiding cocktails. “Cocktails are often mixed with juice or soda — not only high in calories, but sugar, too,” Kardashian wrote on her website. “Aside from drinking too much, the sugar content in drinks is often what accounts for bad hangovers. When I do drink, I go for either tequila on the rocks, beer, or wine. If you’re cutting down on sugar, it’s good to know that rosé wine usually has less sugar than red or white.” Other ways Kardashian recommends cutting sugar out of your diet? Steer clear of soda and store-bought salad dressing.

3. Cookies

chocolate chip cookie

Kirstie Alley avoids cookies. | iStock.com/Songbird839

Kirstie Alley tells People there are three foods she avoids to maintain weight loss: cookies, linguini with clams, and cheese. Linguini, clams, and cheese might be relatively healthy in moderation. But cookies aren’t super nutritious — and it’s pretty easy to overindulge, especially if your cookie of choice is as adorable as what Alley describes. “I love sugar cookies that are frosted with Santa’s faces and trees, so I didn’t order any and I didn’t have any,” she says. “My friends were dismayed because I usually give them out as gifts.”

4. Fried food

fried chicken in a bowl

Beyoncé doesn’t allow fried foods in her house. | iStock.com

Snacks might not be inherently unhealthy. But Delish reports that Beyoncé swears off many kinds of snack foods. She doesn’t eat fried foods. And she doesn’t allow chips, candy, or desserts in her pantry. Delish reports that the star doesn’t believe in crash diets and loads up on vegetables. She loves hot sauce. And she occasionally treats herself to a meal she wouldn’t normally eat. “I always treat myself to one meal on Sundays when I can have whatever I want,” she says. “Usually it’s pizza, which is my favorite indulgence.”

5. Pork

glazed pork ribs

Khloé Kardashian refuses to eat pork. | iStock.com/Tatiana Volgutova

Many celebrities are vegetarians or even vegans. Others are just selective about which meats they choose to eat. According to People, reality TV star Khloé Kardashian refuses to eat pork. In fact, when asked whether she would rather eat pork or gain 10 pounds, she answered, “I would for sure rather gain 10 pounds! I don’t think I’ll ever eat pork in my life.” She’ll only eat turkey bacon. And she notes that she often has to switch up recipes, specifically for Thanksgiving, when many dishes include bacon. 

6. Processed foods

potato chips on wooden table

Emma Watson tries to minimize her consumption of processed foods. | iStock.com/Magone

Spoon University reports that actress Emma Watson tries to avoid overly processed foods. Instead of eating packaged, processed foods, she’s a big fan of nutritious options such as lean proteins, whole grains, and unsaturated fats. She’s a proponent of cooking your own food. (It’s an easy way to eat more wholesome foods instead of relying on processed foods.) As for the things Watson likes eating? She’s a fan of Mexican cuisine; occasionally indulges in junk food, such as pizza; loves gin and tonics; and occasionally eats Nutella.

7. Red meat

cooked New York Strip garnished

Gwyneth Paltrow swears off red meat. | iStock.com/JPphoto1992

Red meat isn’t the healthiest source of protein out there. Red meat of all types makes the (long) list of foods Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t eat. Refinery29 reports that as part of a detox plan, Paltrow swears off red meat. She also refuses to consume alcohol, caffeine, dairy, gluten, nightshades, soy, shellfish, added sugar, and white rice. Sure, sugar and alcohol might not be the healthiest things to consume. But keep in mind that dairy, gluten, and shellfish can all be part of a healthy diet.

8. Refined carbs

Assortment of kaiser roll breads

Kate Upton steers clear of refined carbs. | iStock.com/Laura Clay-Ballard

Eat This, Not That! reports that according to Kate Upton’s trainer, the model avoids refined carbs, plus alcohol and added sugar, when she’s trying to lose weight. Refined carbs just means foods that are made with white flour. That means ditching the white bread for whole grain and swapping processed packaged foods for wholesome, homemade versions.

9. Soda

Pepsi, Coca Cola And Fanta

Shaquille O’Neal avoids soda. | iStock.com/Radu Bercan

Former basketball player Shaquille O’Neal tells People that when he’s trying to eat healthy, he sticks to a diet of “a lot of chicken, a lot of fish and a lot of salad.” But at the same time, he cuts out a lot of foods — soda, bread, and sandwiches in particular. He also cuts out cheat days at Waffle House and McDonald’s. That’s all in pursuit of a muscled physique. “I’m trying to get big and bulky and strong like a body builder almost,” he tells People. “When I take my shirt off I want you to see muscles everywhere.”

10. Sugar

chocolate cake on a plate

Connie Britton avoids sugar. | iStock.com

Friday Night Lights and Nashville star Connie Britton tells People she loves food. “I’m a foodie, and I think that getting out and trying different restaurants is a great way to see what local people are doing and to feel the essence of that place,” she says. Britton tries to eat a heart-healthy diet and loves pasta. As for what she doesn’t eat? “Sugar is something that I really try to stay away from,” she says. However, she admits, “If I was really, really going to cheat and be really bad and didn’t care about calories, I go for chocolate cake.”