United Airlines Had a Terrible Year of Customer Service: Here’s What Happened

2. Paris is the same as San Francisco, right?

airport departures board for United Airlines

The airports are confusing enough. Try doing it in a foreign language. | Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

For anyone who’s seen Home Alone 2, the idea of getting on the wrong flight is a nightmare. Try imagining doing it in a country in which you didn’t speak the most common language. That’s what happened to Lucie Bahetoukilae when she boarded her flight from New York to Paris.

The only problem is that she boarded a flight to San Francisco. She claims that the airline switched her gates at the last minute. She showed the employee her ticket and she was allowed to board the plane. Then someone was in her corresponding seat and asked for help. Another flight attendant just placed her in another seat.

In a very rare instance, United Airlines issued an apology AND a full refund. Bahetoukilae did eventually make it home to Paris. United Airlines issued an apology saying “We’re disappointed any time a customer has an experience that does not live up to his or her expectation.”

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