These Are the Best Dog Breeds to Own If You Live in a Warm Climate

Just because a dog has a short coat doesn’t mean it loves warm weather. In fact, short hair is one of the least important aspects of warm weather dog breeds. So, before you go looking at their hair length, look at their facial structure. Are they able to pant? Most dogs are, but dogs with smushed faces (i.e., pugs, boxers, and bulldogs) have a harder time, making them not ideal for warm climates.

Next, take a look at their size. With the exception of a few breeds, small to medium-sized dogs are the best dog breeds for warm weather. That’s because some bigger dogs — think: St. Bernards and English mastiffs — won’t be able to run as much as they need to when the weather is super hot.

Once you’ve determined if their facial structure and size makes the cut, take a look at their coat. If the dog you have your eyes on has a thicker, double coat, you may want to reconsider. Dogs with thick coats are better fit for cold weather and will have a hard time in the heat.

For more on the best dog breeds for warm weather, keep reading.

1. Border collie

While border collies aren’t the best dog for apartment living — as they have lots of energy — they are one of the best dog breeds for warm weather. Highly active and incredibly smart, border collies are happiest when playing, running, or partaking in dog activities like flyball, or frisbee competitions outside.

2. Golden retriever

When it comes to warm weather dog breeds, we instantly think of golden retrievers. Known for their love of water and, of course, retrieving, golden retrievers are one of the best dogs to bring with you on a hike, camping trip, fishing trip, and so on.

3. Airedale terrier

In addition to retrievers and collies, terriers — specifically Airedale terriers — are also great for warm climates. Bred to hunt on both land and water, Airedale terriers have a ton of energy and love to run and play outdoors as much as possible.

4. Beagles

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Another great warm weather dog breed? Beagles. With a facial structure that allows them to pant (a dog’s version of sweating), beagles love to play outdoors with their owners and other dogs.

5. Labrador retriever

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In addition to golden retrievers, Labrador retrievers also make great warm weather pets. In fact, they’re great for both warm weather and cold weather, as they love to play outdoors in both the sun and snow. What’s more? Labs love the water. Whether it’s a swimming pool, ocean, or lake, they will dive right in.

6. Whippet

Whippets are also great for warm weather. Similar to other warm weather dog breeds, they have a short coat that allows them to adapt to warmer temperatures and a facial structure that allows them to pant. They also love to run and play outdoors.

7. Great dane

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Great danes aren’t the most active warm weather dog breed (in fact, they may even be the least active of the lot), but that doesn’t mean they don’t love the sun. Known to lounge in glaring sunlight (or even by a fireplace), they would spend all day in the sun if they could.

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