Watch This 15-Year-Old Contortionist Shoot a Flaming Arrow with Her Feet on ‘Ellen’


The Ellen Show

These days, with so many talent shows and YouTube, it’s easy to become a little jaded when it comes to watching talented individuals do their thing. But no matter how many tricks you’ve seen, you’ll be astounded by what 15-year-old Sofie Dossi can do.

The contortionist, who made a name for herself on America’s Got Talent, just recently appeared on The Ellen Show and took things to a whole new level.

Not only did she wow the crowd with her bending, flexing feats, but she added a death-defying element to her game by, well, doing this:

Now check out the entirety of her appearance. It won’t disappoint, and she reveals where and how she learned this insane trick.

During the interview, Sofie

When Sofie revealed how she learned the trick (YouTube of all places!) and then shocked the audience when she shared how she learned the trick. She said, “My dad and I went and got a bow and arrow, and I started practicing it in my front yard,” Dossi explained to the audience.

Ellen said what we were all thinking when quipped, “I bet your neighbors didn’t really walk their dogs in that area.”

Maybe not. But I’m sure they watched from a safe distance because the things this girl can do are nothing short of incredible.