Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Perform an Awesome Magic Trick Like It’s No Big Deal



Benedict Cumberbatch is beginning to garner quite a few headlines in anticipation of his turn in the upcoming Marvel superhero film Doctor Strange. I mean, he was getting lots of headlines before, but taking one of the most popular and swoon-worthy actors in the world and placing him in a Marvel movie is bound to get people talking.

In his press tour, he recently did a quick video with Vanity Fair to talk about the importance of water conservation, saying that it’s his favorite of the four ancient elements (the other three being air, fire, and earth.

While nonchalantly discussing the importance of the element, he’s playing with a water bottle, then, out of nowhere, we’re left staring at this:



How on Earth does he do it?

Check out the complete video on the next page. You might just start thinking this dude really is a magician.

If this guy hadn’t won over the world with his British charms, then I suppose he can do it with his amazing magical powers.

Sure, he’s got a powerful message behind the stunt about saving water for the good of the Earth, but you might have to watch it a second time to take that in. The first time around, you’ll be focused on his impressive witchcraft.

Is there anything this guy CAN’T do?