Watch This Child Beam With Happiness As She Gets Glasses and Sees Her Mom for the First Time



A number of videos have circulated and gone viral that shows adults who, as the result of medical procedures, are able to see or here for the first time. And it’s nothing short of remarkable to see their life change in just one instance.

You’ll get a similar feeling from the video below which shows a baby girl, Tilly, get her first pair of glasses at just three months old. As such a young age, there’s little she could have done to convey her impaired vision, but medical tests and practical exercises showed that her vision was worse than other that of other children her age. She was able to get diagnosed and prescribed glasses very quickly thanks to proactive parents.

And it’s clear from the video on the next page that the difference is profound. It’s one thing to see it above in the picture, but yet another to see her delight unfold in real time.

As happy as Tilly is, just imagine how excited her parents are to realize that the vision issues their baby facedĀ are treatable with glasses.

‘I think she likes them,’ the dad says while filming her. It’s clear that they’re working because, beyond the smile and the giggles, she is absolutely transfixed on her mother once she focuses on her. It’s hard not be moved by that reaction.

With this video, I’m sure the parents (and millions of other people watching it) will come back to it time and again to relive this very special moment.

To see more similarly adorable instances, check out the next page for two other older videos of babies getting glasses and watch their worlds get transformed.

This is baby Leo, looking a bit like a minion with his new glasses. The video captures the adorable first moment that he puts them on.

And finally, we’ve got this little girl who fidgets quite a bit before allowing her mom to put on her new glasses, but the look on her face once she can see clearly is nothing short of are and wonder: