3 Ways to Use Leftover Coffee

Are you a coffee lover? Does the smell of coffee give you a reason to get out of bed each morning? Then you most likely hate to waste even one drop of the tasty goodness. If you’re left with a half-full pot of coffee each day, you may be wondering how you can put it to good use. Thankfully, there are some pretty creative ways you can reuse extra coffee. With these cool tips you can save money and feel good about reducing waste. Here are three ways you can give leftover coffee new life.

1. Clean your pots and pans


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You no longer have to struggle with grime on your cookware. Coffee grounds, not just the coffee, are also useful leftovers. The folks over at Aspen, Colorodo-based Mawa’s Kitchen recommend using coffee grounds to clean pots, pans, and even your grill. The abrasiveness of the coffee grounds make it easy to scrub stubborn grease on grills and inside pots and pans. The experts recommend placing a few grounds on a rag and scrubbing the gunk away.

2. Keep odors away

Coffee beans and grounds, leftover coffee

Coffee beans and grounds | iStock.com

Is your refrigerator full of stinky odors? Get rid of the stink with some coffee magic. Mawa’s Kitchen experts also suggest putting coffee grounds in a bowl and placing them in the refrigerator. Coffee has the ability to remove smells from not only your hands but also your refrigerator. They suggest drying out the coffee grounds and then placing in a bowl.

3. Hide furniture scratches


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Do you have pesky scratches in your wood furniture? The uses for old coffee are endless. If you’re worried about having scratched-up furniture at your next party, you have nothing to fear. It’s nothing that can’t be fixed by a bowlful of coffee grounds. This Old House’s Jennifer Stimpson advises camouflaging the problem by dipping a cotton swab into steeped coffee grounds and then dabbing the swab onto scratches in the wood. This method works best for dark wood furniture. Make sure to test on a part of the furniture that is not easily visible before trying.

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