The Weirdest Advertising Gimmicks That Food Companies Use to Market Their Products

Food companies — especially cereal and fast food — will do some pretty bizarre things to make a sale. From weird mascots (page 5) to mind-boggling commercials (page 10) to creepy animatronics (page 13), we take a look at some of the weirdest advertising gimmicks food companies use to market products, ahead.

1. Toucan Sam

Toucan Sam
He was able to smell Fruit Loops miles away. | maxwell joseph via Youtube

What do toucans and Fruit Loops have in common? Aside from the faux tropical flavors infused in the sugary cereal, nothing. But, nonetheless, Toucan Sam loves to use his distinct sense of smell to guide him to a bowl of Fruit Loops (all while showing off his rhyming skills).

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2. Fantanas

It was recently brought back. | Brian Friedman via Youtube

Another weird advertising gimmick? The Fantanas. Although they aren’t as creepy as some of the other mascots and tactics listed, they are a bit strange. Each woman represents a specific Fanta flavor and sings “wanna Fanta, don’t you wanna, wanna Fanta” over and over again.

The Fantanas went away for a bit, but have recently been brought back with a brand new cast.

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3. Kool-Aid Man

Kool Aid Man
He breaks everything. | Commercials Ads via Youtube

The Kool-Aid Man has clearly had too much Kool-Aid. Not only is his entire existence bizarre (a giant talking pitcher of Kool-Aid? Come on!) his ability to break through walls without shattering into a million pieces is false advertisement. Also, does anyone else get anxious when they see the Kool-Aid slosh around inside of him? How does he not spill?

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4. Subman

Subman Subway mascot
Because everyone wants their sandwich to have abs? | SyracuseSUBWAY via Youtube

Subway has participated in a number of weird advertising gimmicks, including the introduction of Subman — aka, a Subway sandwich with abs. Subway needs to stop telling people they will lose weight by eating nothing but 12-inch sandwiches.

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5. The Burger King

The Burger king
It’s just creepy. | Commercials Ads via Youtube

One look at Burger King’s mascot will leave you scratching your head. What is with the creepy mask? Why does he look more like a Halloween costume than a mascot? Is the joke on us? We honestly don’t know what to think about his royal creepiness.

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6. Trix rabbit

Trix rabbit
The commercials have been running for over 50 years. | Stinko Rama via Youtube

One way to market your product is to create a mascot that is obsessed with it. Case in point: The Trix Rabbit. Best known for trying to trick children into giving him a bowl of cereal, the silly rabbit has been scolded by children on national television for over 50 years.

Fun fact: The original Trix cereal was made up of 46% sugar. Talk about a well-balanced breakfast (not)!

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7. Colonel Sanders

KFC Colonel Sanders
The poor Colonel has been turned into a creepy mascot. | KFC via Youtube

Being the face of your own company is totally normal. However, when your successors immortalize you by turning you into a symbol for buckets of chicken and hiring a variety of actors to play you in a commercial, a line must be drawn. Leave Colonel Sanders alone!

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8. Tony the Tiger

Tony the tiger
He’s obsessed with Frosted Flakes. | Commercials Ads via Youtube

Tony the Tiger is all about spreading positive vibes and his love for Frosted Flakes. However, he’s a little too much like that one sales guy at Costco that won’t leave you alone. The kids may love his tactics, but us adults know he’s selling garbage.

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9. The California Raisins

California Raisins
A bizarre tactic. | Time Machine via Youtube

The California Raisins may have a dedicated fanbase, but that doesn’t take away from their creepy demeanor. The claymation characters look more like small turds that raided Mickey Mouse’s glove collection than animated raisins.

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10. Quiznos Spongmonkeys

Quiznos Spongmonkeys
Who thought this was a good idea? | Tom Nash via Youtube

Marketing a food product with rodents is probably not the best idea, but Quiznos did it anyways with the Spongmonkeys. With human eyes and mouths — and a guitar in tow — the poorly animated mascots gained a lot of attention when they sang their hearts out about loving sub sandwiches in a national commercial.

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11. Every single McDonald’s character

Ronald Mcdonald and friends
They’re all pretty frightening. | Video Surplus via Youtube

We don’t even know where to begin with this one. Not only does McDonald’s use a scary clown as its main mascot, it also utilizes an entire cast of fast food misfits — including, a purple taste bud-like creature known as Grimace — to market products to kids. They all live in McDonaldland and in our nightmares.

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12. Chester Cheetah

Chester the cheetah cheetos
Something about animals obsessed with food is brilliant to ad execs. | Commercials Ads via Youtube

Another bizarre character used to market food? A talking cheetah dressed in nothing but sneakers and a pair of sunglasses, selling cheese covered puffs. Frito-Lay’s Chester Cheetah is the “dangerously cool” cheetah seen in Cheetos commercials and on Cheetos bags everywhere.

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13. Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E Cheese
It’s pretty bizarre. | Chuck E. Cheese via Youtube

Chuck E. Cheese’s is a family-friendly restaurant and entertainment center known for it’s surprisingly good pizza, arcade games, and creepy mealtime show featuring the restaurant’s mascot, Chuck E. Cheese and friends. While using a mouse to market a product has proven successful in the past (cough, Disneyland, cough), this mouse — especially in animatronic form — is downright bizarre.

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14. Twizzlers mouth

Twizzler mouth
We will pass on this one. | RetroStatic via Youtube

What’s creepier than a faceless mouth singing and eating Twizzlers? Nothing. In the 1980s, Twizzlers thought it would be a good idea to market Red Vines’ biggest competitor with a floating claymation mouth that sang about how Twizzlers “makes mouths happy.” No thanks!

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15. Jack in the Box

It’s super creepy. | Jack in the Box via Facebook

A cross between a Jack-In-The-Box figurine and human man, Jack in the Box takes the cake for one of the weirdest advertising gimmicks. Why does Jack need a human body? Why is he dressed like he works on Wall Street? We have so many questions.

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