The Weirdest Pet Accessories You Can Buy for Your Dog or Cat

In the United States, people think of their dogs and cats like family, so it’s no surprise that we love pampering our pets. Americans actually spend upwards of $60 billion per year on their pets. In 2016, more than $14 billion of that went toward pet supplies — including toys and accessories. Cats hide their toys and dogs chew through their leashes. So most pet owners expect to spend at least some money on accessories for their pets.

But some dog and cat owners choose to spend their money on some pretty unexpected pet products. Read on to check out the weirdest pet accessories you can buy for your dog or cat.

1. Apollo Peak cat and dog wine

Apollo Peak cat wine

Apollo Peak cat wine | Apollo Peak via Instagram

Sure it may be less of an accessory and more of a treat (assuming your pet actually likes the taste.) But we couldn’t resist mentioning Apollo Peak‘s line of beverages for dogs and cats. These non-alcoholic drinks consist of organic herbs, fresh beets, and Rocky Mountain water. The wine, in different formulations for canines and felines, supposedly helps your pet “mellow out.” However, we’re not 100% convinced that cat or dog wine is a better idea than cuddling with your pet on the couch.

2. Bacon Bubbles

Next on the list? Bacon Bubbles. These nontoxic bubbles are formulated to smell like bacon (and to get a lazy dog off the couch). You can use the included wand to blow bacon-scented bubbles and entice your pup. But it doesn’t stop there. You can also purchase the Bubbletastic Dog Bubble Machine. The contraption will blow a “massive storm of bacon bubbles” and help Fido get his exercise. 

3. Casper dog mattress

Casper dog mattress

Casper dog mattress |

If you sleep on an expensive mattress and don’t want to share your bed with your dog, maybe you’re the right buyer for the Casper dog mattress. Engineered by the same team behind the human-sized Casper mattress, this doggy-sized bed features memory foam and support foam. It’s designed specifically to be satisfying for your dog to scratch at before lying down. Plus, it has foam bolsters that make the mattress feel safe and secure. And don’t forget the durable cover material, which is the least you should expect if you’re paying $125 to $225 for a dog bed.

4. Cat exercise wheel

Know any cat owners who wish they had a hamster, not a cat? Then you might want to gift them the cat exercise wheel from One Fast Cat. The wheel is designed to provide safe indoor exercise for high-energy felines who might otherwise get themselves into trouble in your house or apartment. In fact, One Fast Cat claims that the exercise wheel helps relieve stress and anxiety. And it can also help your cat build muscle tone. Isn’t that exactly what you wanted for your sleepy feline?

5. CleverPet hub

Need an easy way to keep your dog or cat occupied while you’re not home? The CleverPet hub may not be cheap, but it promises to keep your pet engaged and learning while you’re away. The gadget features touch pads and lights that pose challenges to your animal. If Fido or Fluffy hits the correct touch pads or matches a pattern in the right order, then they’ll get treats as a reward. And if that’s not enough, you can use the companion app to change the game that your pet is playing or track your pet’s progress “on the road to agility and memory games.”

6. Cuddle Clones

Cuddle Clones

Cuddle Clones | Cuddle Clones via Facebook

Ever wished you could have a stuffed animal that looks just like your pet? Then check out Cuddle Clones. The company makes custom stuffed animals that look just like your pet. (Is anyone else mildly creeped out by the idea?) And if a regular stuffed animal isn’t enough, you can opt for plush slippers made to look just like your dog or cat. Of course, they don’t come cheap. A pair of slippers will cost you $199, while a dog will cost $249. The Cuddle Clones website shows pets posing next to their lookalikes. So you can probably convince yourself that this accessory is for your pet, not you. However, we think that illusion isn’t likely to last very long.

7. Doggles


Doggles |

Need to take your dog somewhere that he might need eye protection? Then consider Doggles. This eyewear features 100% UV protection, shatter-proof lenses, and anti-fog treatment on the inside of the lenses. And despite the name, Doggles offers eyewear for cats, too. The brand recommends putting them on your pet when he’s going with you on a motorcycle ride or hanging his head out of the window of your car. He can also wear them when he’s sunbathing. They may not be necessary (or particularly cute), but who are we to stop people from putting goggles on their pets?

8. Fetch GoPro harness

GoPro Fetch harness

GoPro Fetch harness |

Do you take your dog on lots of adventures? Then you might want to buy him the Fetch GoPro harness to capture footage from his point of view. People love the GoPro line of action cams thanks not only to their durability, but also to the high quality of the videos and images they capture. This harness enables you to capture your dog’s activities from his point of view. He can even wear it while swimming or splashing in mud puddles. It’s definitely a high-tech way to capture footage you may never watch again.

9. Furbo dog camera

People love the idea of checking in on their pets while they’re away. So, the Furbo dog camera doesn’t sound all that unusual — at least until you learn that the camera also has an arm that can toss treats to your pet. The idea is that you can “play a game of fetch from anywhere!” Other features we’re not sure we’d really want to use? The system can send an alert to your phone when it detects your dog barking. Whether it’s the middle of the day or starting to get dark at night, you can hear and talk to your pet and check in on them.

10. Hotdoll


Hotdoll |

There’s no delicate way to put this: Hotdoll is a sex toy for dogs — probably designed for pet owners desperate to keep their dog from humping the furniture, their guests, and whatever else is within reach. It may be the weirdest pet accessory on the list, and its modern design doesn’t really help reduce the ick factor. But on the bright side, you can choose black or white — to suit your decor of course.

11. Licki brush

Licki brush

Licki brush | PDX Pet Design via Instagram

One of the strangest pet accessories for cats is the Licki brush, which you hold in your mouth to groom and bond with your cat. You could always groom your cat with a regular brush. But the people behind the Licki brush think it’s better to try to mimic the “licking ritual” with which cats bond by grooming each other. The designers promise that the practice is “oddly meditative.” But we’ll just take their word for it.

12. Litter Robot

Love having a cat but hate cleaning the litter box? Then this bizarre contraption may be just what you need! The Litter Robot is a “fully automatic” and “self-cleaning” litter box. It has a sifting system that separates waste from clean litter and stores liquid in a carbon-filtered drawer to reduce odors. A self-cleaning cycle begins the moment your cat exits the unit. It can even notify you when you need to empty the waste drawer. 

13. Pebby

We don’t blame pet owners for wanting to look in on their dog or cat while they’re away with the help of technology. However, we wonder whether Pebby takes that impulse a little too far. This “robotic pet sitter” can follow your dog or cat wherever he goes thanks to a companion collar. (That sounds pretty disconcerting to us.) Once Fido or Fluffy has stopped wondering why a robotic ball is rolling after him, he can play games with it. You can use an onboard fisheye camera to watch and record what your pet is doing. And the system can even monitor how much exercise your pet is getting.

14. Plant Hidden Litter Box

Plant hidden litter box

Plant hidden litter box |

Cat owners get pretty creative about keeping the litter box out of sight, both to preserve their cat’s sanity and to minimize its effect on their decor. But few cat owners have gone so far as to rig up something like the Plant Hidden Litter Box. Perfect for a cat who wants to feel like the protagonist in a cheesy spy movie, this contraption from Good Pet Stuff hides a litter box inside a faux terra cotta urn holding a fake palm tree. We think design-conscious cat owners would probably be better off buying some real houseplants. (Especially if they avoid plants that are toxic to pets.)

15. PooTrap

Sad Lovely Dog French Bulldog

This weird pet accessory will definitely make your dog sad. |

PooTrap is either exactly as bad as it sounds or so much worse. (We can’t decide.) This completely unnecessary contraption was designed for people who don’t want to bend over to clean up after their dogs. So instead, you affix this “excrement collector” to your dog’s rear end and let him poop straight into a bag. You still have to reach down and remove the bag, and we can’t imagine that the time savings are worth the humiliation for you or your pup.

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