We’re Obsessed With These Adorable Royal Wedding Tribute Foods

The royal wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry has us all in a tizzy. Even if we couldn’t all head to Windsor to celebrate, social media means we can swoon over the festivities. Fortunately, several brands have also come out with royal wedding-themed foods. These will help us all celebrate love, no matter where you live.

We also caught some serious anglophilia, so we couldn’t help showing off one Windsor-only version. Drool over this exclusive treat, and then see if your barista can make it for you, too (page 11).

1. Burger King’s royal sandwiches

Royal wedding BK crown

They even have a special crown for the occasion. | Burger King via Instagram

Burger King has created a sandwich fit for a royal with its limited-edition sandwich. It features a breaded chicken patty with iceberg lettuce and two onion rings. Those “signify the royal matrimony.” The edible royal wedding-themed treat launched in the U.K. for a limited time, so if you have a chance, grab one quickly.

If you can’t get the specific sandwich, grab a crown at any BK location. Those will also make you look royal, no matter what you eat.

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2. Royal ice cream on both U.S. coasts

Royal wedding cake ice cream

The flavor is inspired by the royal wedding cake. | Van Leeuwen Ice Cream via Instagram

Van Leeuwen, a Brooklyn-based ice cream shop, came up with a Royal Wedding Cake ice cream flavor. It comes inspired by the royal wedding cake created by Claire Ptak of Violet Bakery. Van Leeuwen’s ice cream features sweet cream ice cream with pieces of house-made lemon pound cake, layered with elderflower buttercream frosting.

You can also buy the ice cream flavor through the rest of the summer at shops in both New York City and Los Angeles.

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3. A hot dog fit for a royal

Pink’s Hot Dogs just had to get in on the fun. The Los Angeles-based hot dog stand came out with a hot dog to honor Los Angeles native Markle. The snack features two hot dogs in one bun, dubbed the “Royal Dog.”

Toppings include mustard, cheese, onions, pickle relish, Pink’s famous chili, and two slices of bacon. Sounds like this also calls for a royal nap. If you can’t get to Pink’s, make one at home. We promise, it still counts.

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4. KFC’s royal bucket

Royal wedding chicken

KFC supports Harry’s proposal. | Designtimes via Twitter

The fried chicken chain has released a commemorative Royal Wedding Bucket, to commemorate the royal wedding. When Harry proposed to Markle, the two apparently shared a roast chicken. “When we discovered Prince Harry proposed over a roast chicken, we simply had to show our support for the big occasion,” a KFC spokesperson told Mashable.

“Featuring resplendent gold flourishes, the bucket is embellished with a classic regal crest, proudly adorned with both British and American flags,” according to KFC. The chain only made 50 of them, so a few lucky customers can chow down in style. The rest of us can also just order KFC in a regular bucket, to eat like a royal engagement.

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5. Celebrate sweet love with a royal donut

Royal wedding donut

It’ll be gone after the wedding. | Dunkin Donuts via Instagram

All donut fans can sink their teeth into Dunkin Donuts ’Royal Love Donut. The heart-shaped treat comes filled with jelly and frosted with chocolate icing and strawberry drizzle. It appeared in stores the week before the royal wedding, and will likely also disappear as soon as the royal wedding cake itself. Head to Dunkin to get yours quickly!

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6. A cuppa with a royal twist

Royal wedding tea

You can even keep the tin after. | Barnes & Noble Jefferson Point via Twitter

In typical British fashion, tea company Harney & Sons has come out with a Royal Wedding tea. The tea features a blend of Chinese Mutan White tea buds with almond, coconut, vanilla, and pink rosebuds and petals. A tin of 30 sachets costs $12, and they come in a twee tin you can also save for posterity.

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7. Shortbread cookies nod to the wedding

Walker's royal wedding tin

A commemorative tin to go with your afternoon tea. | Amazon

Shortbread cookies taste about as British as you can get. Walkers shortbread company has come out with a limited edition Royal Wedding Tin. It includes Union Jack shortbread cookies to eat while you dream about fantastic hats. The tin, of course, also features a photo of the happy couple.

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8. An iconic bakery lets you order cupcakes with crowns

Royal wedding cupcakes

Cupcakes fit for a princess. | Magnolia Bakery via Instagram

Magnolia Bakery, of Sex and the City fame, recently came out with celebratory cakes. Their limited-edition royal wedding cakes come with an elderflower cake with lemon curd, topped with elderflower meringue buttercream. The too-cute-for-words cupcakes also come adorned with tiny crowns. If you don’t live nearby, place an order by calling 1-855-MBAKERY. And if you just top your own cupcakes with little crowns, that works, too.

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9. Grab a pint to eat while you swoon

Royal wedding ice cream

A clever name for a delicious sounding treat. | Ample Hills Creamery via Instagram

After a fan contest, Ample Hills Creamery announced their royal wedding-themed ice cream, “God Save The Cream.” In keeping with the royal wedding cake, the lemon ginger base includes pieces of elderflower butter cake and swirls of buttercream frosting. Hungry yet? Locals can get it throughout New York and New Jersey, but you can also order online.

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10. Of course, rosé got in on the game

Royal rose

You can’t get much classier than that. | Strongbow

Get fancy and don’t forget to hold up your pinkie when toasting the newest royals with rosé. Strongbow’s Royal Rosé kit even makes it official. It includes their Rosé Apple cider, along with a saucer and tea cup with a wine glass stem, for fancy sipping. You can get yours here.

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11. The Megharrycino

Royal coffee

Coffee plus the royals is a pretty sweet combo. | The Mayfair Musings Ltd via Instagram

A bakery in Windsor has created some of the cutest drinks we’ve ever seen. The cappuccino and latte coffees at Heidi Bakery come topped with a frothy portrait of the couple.

Co-owner of Edward Durkin described them as “unique,” and they proved very popular. If you live nearby or get a chance to travel there, go ahead and grab one. If not, maybe your favorite barista can also create a special royal latte. Drink like a duchess. You deserve it.

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