Where to Find America’s 5 Best Pub Crawls

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The Pub Crawl — it’s a tradition that isn’t quite American, yet is as American as apple pie. Or St. Patrick’s Day. If you’re not familiar with the term, a pub crawl refers to a tour of sorts of several pubs or bars in a given area — and having one or several drinks at each stop. So, “pub”, because that’s where you’re going, and “crawl” because that’s what you’ll be doing about half-way through.

Hence, a “pub crawl.”

And they’ve become somewhat of an American past time. Nearly every city has a pub crawl or bar tour of some kind, with some becoming almost festival-like in their production, and attracting hundreds, if not thousands of people. They can be fun, messy, or even have a theme, and if you’re ever in a new city and want to get a feel for the town, a pub crawl may just be the perfect way to do so.

So, with tons of pub crawls all across the country, we’ve decided to narrow things down to a short-list of must-tries. These are some of the biggest and best pub crawls in the country, and each is incredibly unique in its own way. From colonial Boston to post-apocalypse Minneapolis, here are five of the country’s premier pub crawls.

1. NYC’s West Village Pub Crawl

Source: Pub Crawl New York Official Facebook Page

Pub crawl crowd | Pub Crawl New York via Facebook

The best way to see New York City’s West Village? By hitting all of the local watering holes, of course!

The West Village Pub Crawl can be done a few different ways, with a couple companies actually running similar tours. But either way, you’re going to get your drinking and your fun squeezed in. You’ll visit famous bars where legendary musicians and artists used to spend time, check out filming locations from famous movies and television shows, and meet people from all over the world. There’s a reason they call NYC the center of civilization, after all.

2. Minneapolis’ Zombie Pub Crawl

Source: Zombie Pub Crawl Official Instagram

Inflatable zombie | Zombie Pub Crawl via Instagram

Dying to experience the world’s largest, craziest, and all-around spookiest pub crawl? You can find it in Minneapolis, where the annual Zombie Pub Crawl takes place in October. It’s a giant festival, not merely a pub crawl, with food and entertainment. But seriously, the Zombie Pub Crawl is massive; it even set world record for the Biggest Gathering of Zombies, and was named the “World’s greatest undead gathering” by the Guinness Book of World Records.

3. Chicago’s Twelve Bars of Christmas

Source: Festa Parties

Christmas pub crawl |  Festa Parties

Ah, the infamous TBOX — the Twelve Bars of Christmas. It’s become a Chicago tradition, and is one of the largest and wildest pub crawls in America. Come prepped with your Christmas and holiday gear, but also be ready to feel good about tipping back a few. For the price of a ticket, attendees see a portion of the proceeds go to local and national charities. The 8 a.m. start time is a little early… but you can muster the holiday cheer.

4. Boston’s Freedom Trail Pub Crawl

Source: Freedom Trail Association Official Facebook Page

Pub crawl in Boston | Freedom Trail Association via Facebook

Show your patriotism by reliving the American Revolution — all with beer in hand, and tri-corner hat on head. You’ll hit up famous locations from history, including America’s oldest pub, and even the very place where the Boston Tea Party was planned. You’ll sit in the same setting as Sam Adams and company did nearly two and a half centuries ago, as they plotted their revolt against the crown. It’s perfect for marrying your love of beer and history. Just be sure to read up before you head out on the Freedom Trail Pub Crawl!

5. Reno’s Superhero Crawl

Source: Superhero Crawl

Superhero pub crawl | Superhero Crawl

Superhero-themed pub crawls happen all over America. But Reno does it right.

Reno’s Superhero Pub Crawl stands out among all the others for two main reasons: it was the first, and it is the largest. That means you’ll see every manner of superhero and comic book character that you can imagine, and then some. Naturally, you’ll also hit some of Reno’s most famous pubs and bars, and get to sample a myriad of beverages. For comic fans, it doesn’t get much better than this.

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