Which Countries Love America the Most?

Some countries love the United States, while others hate it. Many factors, including American ideas about democracy and the policies of President Donald Trump, influence global opinions about America. Most countries see things they like and things they dislike happening in the U.S. But people in some nations think that the good far outweighs the bad — and gives them plenty of reasons to like America.

Below, check out the countries that love America the most, according to a recent report by the Pew Research Center.

15. Peru


About half of Peru has a favorable view of the United States. | Sorincolac/iStock/Getty Images

  • Favorability rating: 51%

Much of the Peruvian public has a positive view of America, with 51% of Peruvians giving the United States a favorable rating, according to the Pew Research Center. Most Americans probably don’t know much about Peru. (That may or may not include Donald Trump, who recently canceled a trip there, citing concerns about Syria.) But many point to Peru as an exciting vacation destination, worth familiarizing yourself with for the delicious dining, the historic cities and ruins, the rich indigenous cultures, and the gorgeous beaches.

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14. South Africa

South Africa

The United States dominates local media. | Ben1183/iStock/Getty Images

  • Favorability rating: 53%

Next on the list is South Africa, where 53% of respondents have a favorable view of the United States. Matador Network reports that the United States dominates media in South Africa (and in many other countries, too), so many South Africans know a lot about the United States. But that’s not necessarily true of Americans, who often know very little about South Africa. Most Americans, for instance, may not know that the United States could learn something from South Africa and its racial struggles.

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13. Kenya


U.S. aid initiatives have contributed to the favorable view. | Squashedbox/iStock/Getty Images

  • Favorability rating: 54%

In Kenya, 54% of survey respondents gave the United States a favorable rating. The Huffington Post notes that American initiatives on AIDS relief, tourism from the United States, and the influence of American pop culture have all contributed to Kenyans’ positive opinions on the U.S. Additionally, The Conversation notes that in Kenya and elsewhere on the African continent, the United States has undertaken a growing array of projects on agriculture, energy, trade, and security.

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12. Senegal


The nations have a defense cooperation agreement. | Attiarndt/iStock/Getty Images

  • Favorability rating: 55%

Next on the list? Senegal, where 55% of respondents had a positive view of the United States. Many Americans associate Senegal with a relatively new defense cooperation agreement. The small West African nation agreed to cooperate with the U.S. military should it need to deploy in the event of a security or humanitarian crisis. Vice reports, “The US government says that the agreement sets ‘conditions for access and use of facilities.’ In reality, it’s also a way to export to this majority-Muslim nation the methods and terrorism-fighting ways of the US security establishment.”

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11. Japan


American favorability has actually been on the decline. | Toey19863/iStock/Getty Images

  • Favorability rating: 57%

In Japan, 57% of survey respondents said that they have a positive view of the United States. However, the Pew Research Center has reported that American favorability in Japan has been on the decline, with more and more Japanese citizens naming American power and influence as a potential threat to Japan. Nonetheless, people in Japan respect the personal freedoms of Americans, and many believe that the United States would use military force to stand with them in conflicts with China or North Korea.

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10. Tanzania


Its president has been compared to Donald Trump. | KucherAV/iStock/Getty Images

  • Favorability rating: 57%

Tanzania makes the top 10 of countries that love America the most, with 57% of survey respondents expressing a positive view of the United States. Donald Trump famously mispronounced the name of the east African nation while on the campaign trail, but Trump might do well to pay attention. Tanzania’s president has been compared to America’s, if for no reason other than for his love of firing employees on television.

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9. Ghana


Donald Trump angered Ghana citizens. | Demerzel21/iStock/Getty Images

  • Favorability rating: 59%

Ghana is next on the list, with 59% of the population expressing favorable views of the United States. As you might expect, one of Donald Trump’s most infamous comments angered citizens in Ghana. The Washington Post reports that after Trump characterized African nations, as well as Haiti and El Salvador, as “shithole countries,” the president of Ghana called Trump’s language “extremely unfortunate.” Nana Akufo-Addo also said that Ghana isn’t a “shithole country.” Additionally, a Pew poll from 2015 found that 89% of the country had a favorable view of the United States — a far cry from the 59% cited by the same poll conducted in 2017.

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8. Italy


Citizens still don’t agree with what Americans pass off as Italian food. | Sandrixroma/iStock/Getty Images

  • Favorability rating: 61%

Italy also lands among the ranks of the countries that love America the most. Though fewer Italians look favorably upon the United States than did several years earlier, in 2014, according to the Pew Research Center, the fact remains that more than half of the Italian public regards the United States favorably. Despite finding a few things perplexing about Americans — ranging from the clothes we wear on vacation to the foods we pass off as “Italian” — Italy still has a positive opinion of the United States.

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7. Hungary


Hungarians don’t fully understand American institutions. | TomasSereda/iStock/Getty Images

  • Favorability rating: 63%

In Hungary, 63% of survey respondents had a favorable view of the United States. The Chicago Tribune characterizes Hungary as one of the countries where Donald Trump’s presidency could improve relations between the two nations. While Hungarians don’t completely understand American institutions — thinking that a change in presidents could automatically change U.S. policies across the civil service, for instance — Hungary seems optimistic about America.

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6. Nigeria


It’s an important U.S. partner. | Orighomisan/iStock/Getty Images

  • Favorability rating: 69%

Next on the list is Nigeria. There, 69% of the population has a favorable opinion of America. The Hill characterizes Nigeria as “an important political and economic partner for the United States.” Nigeria has become the world’s fourth largest democracy. It has a population of nearly 200 million people. Plus, it runs a trade surplus and imports more than $5.5 billion U.S.-originated goods each year. And it’s also home to the “Nollywood” film industry, which as The Hill notes, “has cultural and social influence across Africa.”

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5. Poland


Poland tends to like Republican U.S. presidents. | RossHelen/iStock/Getty Images

  • Favorability rating: 73%

Poland numbers among the top five countries that love America the most. There, 73% of survey respondents gave the United States a favorable rating. CNN reports that Poland’s affinity for the United States — and for its Republican presidents, specifically — “is rooted in Reagan’s actions to counter the USSR and truly blossomed when his successor, George H.W. Bush, helped orchestrate a soft landing for the country as it left the Soviet bloc.” Scholars have characterized Poland as one of the most pro-American countries in the world.

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4. South Korea

South Korea

Three-quarters of survey respondents had a favorable view of the U.S. | Tawatchaiprakobkit/iStock/Getty Images

  • Favorability rating: 75%

South Korea also numbers among the countries that love America the most, with 75% of survey respondents expressing positive views of the United States. The New York Times notes that the United States and South Korea have remained allies for seven decades. South Koreans still like the United States, but developments in North Korea are straining the relationship between Washington and Seoul. While South Korea insists that the crisis with Pyongyang be resolved peacefully, Donald Trump has taken a different tack.

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3. Philippines


The American-Filipino relationship is strong. | Rmnunes/iStock/Getty Images

  • Favorability rating: 78%

The Philippines lands in the top three of the countries that love America the most. In the Philippines, 78% of survey respondents expressed positive views of the United States. NPR reports that despite a rocky relationship between Manila and Washington under Barack Obama, “the American-Filipino relationship is so resilient that it bounces back right away regardless of personalities and issues.”

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2. Israel


The countries’ relationship has grown.  | Rawpixel/iStock/Getty Images

  • Favorability rating: 81%

Next on the list? Israel, which lands in second place overall among the countries that love America the most. Vox reports that during the first decades of Israel’s existence, the United States wasn’t particularly friendly with the young nation. But the U.S. came to regard Israel as a buffer against Soviet influence in the Middle East. And since the Cold War, the two countries have shared interests — and bonded because the American public sympathizes far more with Israel than with Palestine.

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1. Vietnam


Media coverage of the U.S. is positive in Vietnam. | SimonDannhauer/iStock/Getty Images

  • Favorability rating: 84%

As for the country that loves America the very most? Vietnam, where 84% of survey respondents gave the United States a favorable rating. Interestingly enough, Politico characterizes Vietnam as one of the few countries in the world where both Donald Trump and the United States as a whole remain popular. The publication learned that the relationship between the U.S. and Vietnam has entered a “new phase” as shared strategic and economic interests eclipse memories of the Vietnam War, and media coverage of the U.S. remains positive in Vietnam.

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