White House Chefs Reveal the Weirdest Food Requests From These Popular Presidents

White House Chef

The job of a White House chef is intense. | Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

Cooking for the commander in chief, while a great honor, is no easy feat. Similar to the job of the president of the United States, the head chef in the White House is always working round-the-clock to make sure things (in this case, the kitchen) run smoothly.

Chef Walter Scheib revealed to The Daily Show, “Everything you do is based on what the families want — the Clinton’s liked one style and the Bushes like another.” He found that preferences didn’t divide so much along party lines as they did gender. “The guys would have been just as happy if we opened a TGI Friday’s in the basement. They kind of dined on the concept it was good, if you melted cheese on it, it was even better.”

This shows in the weird, eccentric foods Scheib and other White House chefs reveal that presidents loved. Some requests, like John F. Kennedy’s top pick (No. 12), are high-maintenance but fairly reasonable. But our current president’s priority snack (page 9) is not only a little odd but pretty unhealthy.

Next: Most people would refuse to eat this soggy combination of foods.

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