Love Disney World? Here’s Why Your Tickets Keep Getting More Expensive

Disney World can be a great family vacation. But, with soaring ticket prices, the happiest place on Earth is quickly becoming one of the most expensive places on Earth. That said, the reason ticket prices are more expensive isn’t what you think.

Find out the (surprisingly logical) reason Disney has raised its ticket prices yet again (page 5) and other details about the increase, ahead.

1. New attractions and shorter wait times

People buy the first tickets for the new Hong Kong Disneyland

Disney keeps getting busier. | Philippe Lopez/AFP/Getty Images

With new attractions — and new theme parks — in the works, Disney World is about to become even more busy, so Disney has devised a plan. By raising ticket prices (and options), Disney hopes the number of guests visiting the parks will eventually even out. The good news? If the number of visitors evens out, we could see a decrease in wait times.

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2. Disney raises ticket prices every February

Ticket line at disneyland

Prices usually increase once a year. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time Disney has raised its ticket prices — and it won’t be the last. Both Disney World and Disneyland typically see a price increase once a year in February. However, the latest increase has upset some of the parks’ most loyal guests.

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3. Annual pass price increase

handing over ticket for Disneyland

Loyal locals dislike the increase. | Jim Watdon/AFP/Getty Images

While Disney poses steeper ticket prices as a good thing, their most loyal locals do not. According to Business Insider, Disney World’s Florida resident annual pass has gone up significantly. Prior to the price increase, Floridians were paying $679 for a premium platinum pass. Now, the exclusive annual pass goes for $729 a pop.

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4. It’s more expensive to go on peak days

General views of the Magic Kingdom

Prices are at their highest on peak days. | Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

Going to Disney World over summer may be a huge convenience, but it can also be expensive. Not only are hotel prices at an all-time high, Disney charges more for park tickets on peak days, too.

If you’re on a budget, consider going to the Magic Kingdom on a less popular day. These so-called “value” tickets are $109 for adults — that’s $20 less than a peak ticket!

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5. The real reason for the price increase

Kaya Scodelario at Disneyland Paris

Ticket packages start to look like the better deal. | Kristy Sparow/Getty Images

The real reason Disney keeps raising the prices on Walt Disney World tickets? They want guests to spend more than one day at its parks.

By raising the price of 1-day tickets, multiple ticket packages seem like a better deal. Case in point: a 1-day ticket is about $129 a pop (depending on the day) and a 10-day ticket is around $44 for each day. That said, guests who spend one day vs. 10 days at the Magic Kingdom will spend less money on food, souvenirs, hotel stay, and more.

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6. Attendance is higher than ever

Busy day at disneyland

People still are going, despite the prices. | Handout/Getty Images

Expensive tickets aside, Disney World attendance is higher than ever. According to Business Insider, it’s generating more money and more guests than ever before. In the last quarter of 2017, the parks saw an attendance increase of 6%.

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7. It’s too expensive for the average family to visit

Family at disneyland

It’s an expensive family trip. | Handout/Getty Images

At this rate, if Disney continues to raise ticket and annual pass prices like it has been, it will become much too expensive for the average family to visit. And, that’s without the cost of food, hotel stay, and — let’s not forget — the astronomical parking fees.

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