Why Disney World’s Creepy Trump Robot Has Set Twitter on Fire

exterior of Disney World Hall of Presidents

Donald Trump’s strange animatronic figure at Disney World’s Hall of Presidents has drawn attention. | flisfkc/Wikimedia Commons

Did you know that each time the U.S. votes in a new president Disney makes a new animatronic figure of him to add to the Hall of Presidents at Walt Disney World? In fact, every president that has served the country is in the Hall of Presidents. President Clinton was the first to give voice to one of the figures via a recording, and since he then, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald J. Trump have followed suit.

The Hall of Presidents hasn’t drawn much criticism from U.S. citizens — until now. Recently, Walt Disney World provided a sneak peak at President Trump’s figure — and the country took to Twitter to blast it. Here’s what peeps have to say about Disney’s representation of Trump — it’s up to you to decide if you agree.

1. It’s embarrassing for Trump

According to NPR, a lot of folks think the Trump robot at Disney World is completely embarrassing for him. It’s all in the details, apparently, and one Twitter user thinks the details are humiliating. This is what he tweeted:

“So many embarrassing & humiliating details about the animatronic:
The disheveled, hobo hair
The fleshy jowls & turkey neck
The huge gut resulting in the unbuttoned jacket
The idiotic facial expression
& the coup de grace,
The ill-fitting suit & tie — a Trump pet peeve”

Next: It looks like someone else you might know.

2. The robot looks like Jon Voight

screenshot of Twitter user comparing Donald Trump robot to Jon Voight

Can you see the resemblance? | Wil Spillane via Twitter

Look closely. Can you see a little Jon Voight in President Trump’s face? Think about Voight’s role as Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 2001 film, “Pearl Harbor.” One Twitter user certainly saw it, according to NPR.

He tweeted, “Disney gave the job of Trump in the Hall of Presidents to Jon Voight and I can’t stop laughing.” Another user had this to say: “It’s weird how the Trump robot at the Hall of Presidents is Trump from an HBO movie five years from now where he’s played by Jon Voight.”

Next: It looks a serial killer.

3. The robot looks like Chucky

Chucky stares ahead with an evil smile

That’s not a good look. | Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

Apparently, some think the new Trump robot resembles Chucky, the “Child’s Play” horror film series’ bad guy, reported NPR. You might remember the doll — he was the serial killer who inhabited good dolls and tried to transfer his soul into a human bodies. One Twitter user thought Trump was a dead ringer for him, writing, “Trump robot in the Hall of Presidents looks like a 71-year-old Chucky doll.” Ouch, ouch, ouch.

Next: It resembles Trump’s 2016 opponent.

4. The robot looks like a Hillary Clinton

screenshot of Trump robot

It’s an interesting theory. | Shannon O’Neill via Twitter

Twitter fans are all over the map about which person other than himself Disney’s Trump robot looks like, according to NPR. One user went straight back to the election, claiming it looks like Hillary Clinton. This is what she tweeted: “Here me out on this. Clearly Disney had Hilary’s robot ready to go and then they had to try and make it look like Trump. Don’t hate me. This is just a necessary and painful fact we all need to deal with.”

Another Twitter user thinks Trump looks like Trump, Jon Voight, Hillary, and Roger Ebert — mashed. Here’s what he tweeted: “No joke, that Donald Trump robot at Disney’s Hall of Presidents looks like the child of him, Hillary Clinton, Jon Voight, and Roger Ebert. Kill it before AI gives it more than two terms.”

Next: On the other hand, some were pleased about the figure.

5. Some supporters are pleasantly surprised

Twitter user in favor of Trump robot

Some people were happy with the addition. | SoCal4Trump via Twitter

Many people who support President Trump were surprised that Disney added him to its lineup of presidents. According to NPR, some Trump fans believe the theory that it’s “run by liberals who would never respect the president enough to add him to the exhibit, as it had for every president before him.” Another supporter had this to tweet: “I’m shocked that Disney showed so much respect for our President. I might have to travel to Florida this summer.”

Next: And some fans were angry about the figure.

6. Some Trump supporters are angry

Some felt Disney’s strange design was on purpose. | Mariah Wild/Disney Parks via Getty Images

Although many supporters love the new Disney Trump robot, others are angry about it. They feel, according to NPR, that Disney designed the absurd-looking robot to look awful on purpose to insult Trump.

Ahem: Take a look at the other figures in the Hall of Presidents and note how they all look pretty weird. One angry Trump fan tweeted, “I’m a lifelong Disney fan, especially when it comes to the theme parks. I’ve seen the Imagineers create awe-inspiring, immersive worlds. They are masters of their craft. This is no accident.”

Next: The tie is all wrong.

7. Trump fans are disappointed in his tie

Donald Trump waving

Some would have preferred Donald Trump in a red tie. | Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Many Trump fans are disappointed that his robot’s tie is blue and white, not red. Here’s what one Twitter user had to say about that: “Focus on the message, people. Disappointed Disney could not find a red tie. Keep it real folks, not Left.” Another user tweeted, “*Note…observations — -o44 is wearing the bright red tie and that President Trump is wearing a striped tie … intentional power message by Disney Left wingers?” Um, Disney … left? Seriously?

Next: Trump is getting death stares.

8. The other presidents are hating on Trump

Trump robot with other presidents

It’s pretty creepy. | Inside the Magic via YouTube

Apparently, some Twitter users think the other presidents in the Disney display are giving Trump death stares, according to the website Elite Daily. One user tweeted, “All the other presidents in Disney’s new Hall of Presidents look like they can’t believe Donald Trump is president either.” Another pointed out that, “Disney finally put Trump in the Hall of Presidents and the others are all “can you believe this schmuck.”

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