This Is the 1 Thing People Hate Buying Most at Walmart

The most dissatisfying thing about shopping at Walmart? The low prices don’t compensate for the poor quality of merchandise and service. According to Consumerist, that’s exactly what the American Customer Satisfaction Index determined when evaluating Walmart’s decade of low customer satisfaction scores.

If you need hardware or clothing, Walmart might be your go-to. But just because you can’t avoid the store doesn’t mean you need to buy everything there. In fact, you should probably never purchase the following things at Walmart — consider yourself warned.

20. Tech accessories

Woman checking shopping list on her smartphone

This shopper shouldn’t get her new phone case at Walmart. |

Walmart charges way more than online retailers for things like cables, phone cases, screen protectors, chargers, and other tech add-ons. Big chains often make much less on big-ticket tech items like TVs and computers, so they up-sell you on the smaller products. Don’t impulsively buy your next phone case at Walmart. You’re much better off looking online for the exact same thing.

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