The Hilarious Truth Behind Why Parents Actually Hate Elf on the Shelf

The holiday season is wonderful. And while we love most things about this time of year, there are some aspects we absolutely dread, like terrible Christmas music, for example. Much more importantly, there’s one more thing that’s at the top of our most hated holiday list, and that’s The Elf on the Shelf. It may be a great deterrent from bad behavior for kids who still believe in Santa Claus, but it’s far from ideal for their parents.

If you can relate to any of these hilarious situations, then join the club. You’re yet another person who absolutely hates Elf on the Shelf.

1. It’s one more thing to stress about during the holidays

The Elf on the Shelf balloon

| Donovan

Like we said, the holiday season should be filled with wonder, joy, and laughter. However, stress often seems to make its way into the mix, rearing its ugly head as the holidays draw closer. Elf on the Shelf is one more thing you can add to your already-overwhelming holiday list. After all, this product was never meant to be a source of stress-relief, now was it?

2. It becomes a competition with other parents

The kids at school will talk. | The Elf on the Shelf via Instagram

If you were under the impression that we were living in a world of overly-coddled individuals, don’t you worry. Turns out, all-out-competition is still alive and well in the elementary school arena. And no, we’re not talking about the kids, here.

Parents may be vying for the most creative Elf on the Shelf award, and we can’t blame them. Seriously though, how could anyone possibly compete with all the zany ideas out there? And how did you get so unlucky to have a kid in class with the most creative parents on the planet? Because naturally, they’ll be talking about where they found their elves the night before.

3. After a long day, you need to rack your brain for creativity

Why didn’t your kid show up to school with fresh cookies made by an elf? | The Elf on the Shelf via Instagram

To dovetail off of the previous point, having to depend on your creative prowess after a long day is not ideal. But it needs to be done, because we all know that lazy little elf isn’t going to move himself. Wish you had mapped out a plan well in advance? Yeah, us too.

4. You wake up in the middle of the night wondering whether you moved that damn elf

man trying to fall asleep at night

No sound sleep until the holidays are over. |

If cold sweats have recently come back into your nightly routine, don’t be alarmed. It’s totally normal. More specifically, let’s see if you identify with this hellish scenario. You pop up in the middle of the night — out of a deep sleep, no less. You’re in full-on panic mode because you can’t remember whether you moved that evil little elf of yours.

Don’t worry, you’ll be back to sleeping soundly as soon as December 26th rolls around.

5. All that creativity could lead to massive clean-up

Make a mess, and pay the price. | The Elf on the Shelf via Instagram

Speaking of creativity, too much of it could result in your worst nightmare. That’s right, we’re referring to those late-night elf shenanigans that can leave you with a messy kitchen requiring a massive clean-up. And of course, you’re not able to call on the kids to help, because that would blow your entire operation.

Lesson learned: Think twice before you turn your elf into a chef whose hands have been in the flour.

6. You can never slip up and leave the elf lying around on the floor

Never leave that elf on the floor. | The Elf on the Shelf via Instagram

The kids aren’t supposed to touch the elf, which makes your job that much harder. Realistically, how many out-of-reach spots can you make stretch throughout the month of December? Well, when human error inevitably comes in, you’ll quickly realize that little elfie needs to find a higher-up locale, because your younger kids will want to put their hands all over him.

7. Your pet’s newest play toy?

Puppy hiding under a cabinet

Your dog will find the elf if you leave him lying around. | Hidako/iStock/Getty Images

Speaking of things lying around, if your tots can get to the elf, you pet probably can, too. In fact, it’s the perfect-looking dog toy, if you ask us. There’s only one problem: You’ll need to replace it should your four-legged family member get a hold of it.

So, go forth, and get down with your creative self. There will be a glass of spiked eggnog waiting for you.

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