Why You Should Book a Flight in January

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The beginning of the year is one of the best times to fly. | anyaberkut/iStock/Getty Images

The new year is the time to book flights. Start making travel plans quick because prices on flights will increase as the year goes on. Plus, learn savings tips to get the best price around.

Domestic flights are cheap

“US domestic flights are averaging around 16 percent [%] cheaper than the yearly average,” according to Skyscanner data. Now is the time to travel across the country. Maybe you’ve always wanted to explore the west coast but never found a reason to visit. Now’s your chance. Deals on flights are too good to pass up.

International flights are discounted, too

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Your trip out of the country could cost much less. | william87/iStock/Getty Images

Make 2018 the year of travel. Book an international flight up to 36% percent off in the first few weeks of the year, Skyscanner says. While 36% off may seem like a measly discount, the savings may mean another day spent in your destination. For example, a flight to Paris from the Midwest is around $1,500. With the discount, the savings totals $540. Plenty of money to stay an extra night or take an exclusive tour.

Come springtime, prices will increase

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You’ll have to contend with people going on spring break. | STR/AFP/Getty Images

There’s a small window of time when ticket prices are low. Act fact to get discounted rates because in March, ticket prices will rise. “Tickets risk an increase of up to 56 percent [%] more expensive than the yearly average,” according to Skyscanner. March means spring break, a time when many families and college students head for warmer climates. For those considering a break from cold weather in the spring, book a trip in January. Like, now!

These international cities are top destinations

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Paris is a top destination. | Encrier/iStock/Getty Images

Top destinations this year are Phuket, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, and Edinburgh, Skyscanner says. Consider these destinations for trips abroad in 2018. Discounts on flights to these cities will be available before prices increase due to their popularity. Visiting any destination in the off-season will help decrease costs too.

These domestic cities are top destinations

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New York is a trending travel spot. | AndreyKrav/iStock/Getty Images

Book a flight to New York, Los Angeles, Miami, or Las Vegas soon. These cities are already trending on searches and bookings. Again, don’t rule out visiting these cities in the off season, like fall or winter, to save even more money. Waiting until a later date could cost you lots of cash.

Go incognito

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Make sure you’re getting a fair price. | iStock.com/YanLev

When searching for flights, use a private browsing window to keep your computer from tracking your history. Depending on your internet browser, the term may be called “Incognito.” This way, you can search fairly priced fares. Also, consider these money saving tips on flights before you buy a plane ticket.

You’ll have something to look forward to

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Plan something to do after the holidays. | LiudmylaSupynska/iSock/Getty Images

Aside from the lower ticket cost in January, booking travel in January has another upside. You’ll have a trip to look forward to the rest of the year. When the winter months get you down, think about your upcoming trip. It’s an instant mood booster and may even keep you from lashing out at co-workers or family members.

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