Why This Stylish New Home Layout Is Way Better Than an Open Floor Plan

A new layout is taking over the interior design industry. Although the layout itself isn’t a new concept, the concept being trendy in the 21st century is new. The layout becoming more and more popular is the not-so-open floor plan. Discover why having more walls in a home is good, ahead.

Open floor plans show every detail

Open layout kitchen and living room
Everything is in plain sight. | Jodie Johnson/iStock/Getty Images

Having an open floor plan means everything, everything, is open and in plain sight for all eyes to see. “Everything has to be organized or else the house can quickly feel cluttered,” Andrew Cogar told Southern Living. While an open floor plan is useful for entertaining, the challenge, as Cogar says, is to keep the house organized constantly.

Hint: Closed off floor plans require less upkeep.

Closed floor plans hide clutter

You don’t have to worry about hiding kids’ toys or other clutter. | iStock/Getty Images

Not-so-open floor plans give people a break from having to be constantly organized. Simply closing a door is an option if impromptu guests stop by. “Closed-off rooms allow people to cut down on some of that visual noise,” Cogar said. “It may sound counterintuitive, but people are returning to separated spaces as a way of simplifying how they live on a daily basis.”

Hint: When open space becomes a problem.

Too much open space is bad

Home interior floor plan
It’s often difficult to designate spaces in an open floor plan. | Irina88w/iStock/Getty Images

Echoing Cogar’s claim is architect, Rick Clanton. “Sometimes you want a place where you can close the door,” Clanton told Southern Living. “Open space is good, but too much open space is not.” Think about walking into a person’s home and seeing their family room, dining room, and kitchen in a big open area. Each space must be designated, which can be a design headache.

Hint: Separate kitchens sell for less money than an open kitchen.

Resale values are lower with closed floor plans

Modern Home for Sale with sign in front yard
Buyers still are looking for open floor plans. | iStock/Getty Images

Simply put, open floor plans sell for more money. “The most common conversation I overhear when showing a property to potential buyers is ‘Is this wall load-bearing? Can we knock it down to open things up?’” Arthur Jeppe, a principal realtor with Read & Jeppe in Newport Beach, CA, told Realtor.com. “So no matter how gorgeous a home is, it will most likely sell for less if the kitchen is separate.”

Hint: Get more privacy with a closed-off floor plan.

Closed floor plans offer privacy

female chopping food ingredients
You can hide your cooking mess. | iStock.com/loooby

Another benefit of a closed-off floor plan is more privacy. A meal can be prepared a meal in the kitchen without guests getting a behind-the-scenes view. Plus, preparing for a gathering becomes as simple as closing the doors to rooms you’d rather not have your guests seeing.

Hint: Noise will be contained.

Closed floor plans are quieter

furniture, living room
You don’t have to worry as much about noise with a closed floor plan. | iStock/Getty Images

All that privacy means more walls and more doors. Sound will be absorbed by the walls and not travel as far in the house, according to Case Architects and Remodelers. Noise will be better contained so asking, “Will you turn the TV down?” will become a thing of the past.

Hint: Get more wall space.

More walls mean more wall space

White wall decoration with a picture frame, clock and plants
More wall space can be valuable. | imnoom/iStock/Getty Images

Going against the popular open floor plan means there is more wall space. More wall space in a room like the kitchen can be extremely valuable. “There’s more storage, more counter space and room to populate kitchen-specific designs,” David Penick, the managing director of Hines, told The New York Times.

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