This Is the No. 1 Reason Why You Shouldn’t Go on a Cruise in the Summer

Thinking of going on a cruise this summer? You might want to reconsider. Although it might be easier to take vacation time during the warmer season, the bad weather, astronomical prices, and threat of crime make a summer cruise not worth it.

Curious to know more? We share some of the biggest concerns for cruising in the summer, plus the No. 1 reason why you shouldn’t go on a summer cruise, ahead.

1. The food

Orange Glow Sunset from the Cruise Ship Dining Deck
Cruise food might negatively impact your diet. | Simplyphotos/iStock/Getty Images

Whether you have dietary restrictions or are watching your weight, taking a cruise in the summer — or any time of year for that matter — can have a negative impact on your diet. Between the all-you-can-eat buffets and elaborate dinners, there is never a shortage of food on a cruise ship. Not to mention most of the items are extremely high in salt, sugar, and fat.

2. Too much sun

Cruise vacation
Too much sun can be dangerous. | levkr/iStock/Getty Images

Another thing to consider when going on a cruise in the summer? The sun. Too much sun can be dangerous and lead to sun poisoning, skin damage, or worse.

3. The weather

Stormy Cruise Ship Deck
Double check what the weather will be like. | welcomia/iStock/Getty Images

While the weather might be nice in many ports, there are some areas of the world that you might want to reconsider traveling to during summer. To avoid any ruined plans, before you book a summer cruise, do some research on what the weather is like during the warmer months.

4. Excursion prices

Cruise Port in St. Maarten
Excursions will cost you extra during the summer. | fallbrook/iStock/Getty Images

With so many people traveling during the summer, excursion prices can be through the roof. That’s especially true if you’re traveling to a popular island or city.

5. Plane ticket prices are higher than usual

Waiting for cruise ship departure
Getting to your port will also be more expensive. | Lady-Photo/iStock/Getty Images

Unfortunately, cruise lines don’t have their own airlines, so those who aren’t within driving distance to the port will have to travel with other tourists and might face high ticket prices. Because summer is peak travel time — for those cruising and traveling by plane to popular cities — airlines typically raise their prices to better reflect the demand.

6. Dangerous passengers

Man on cruise ship
Cruise ships could be less safe over the summer. | iStock/GEtty Images

Another thing to consider when going on a cruise in the summer (and other times of the year)? Dangerous passengers. Cruise ships aren’t as safe as you’d think. And to make matters worse, United States laws don’t always apply.

Just because a cruise ship leaves from a U.S. port, it doesn’t mean the U.S. laws stay in effect during a voyage. In fact, United States laws mean nothing if the cruise ship’s flag is of a different country — and it usually is.

7. The crowds

cruise ship passengers
Everyone else had the same idea. | Jaime Reina/AFP/Getty Images

The No. 1 reason why you shouldn’t take a cruise in the summer? It’s peak travel time. Not only will excursions and plane tickets be expensive, but the crowds will also have a major impact on your travel plans, especially if you are cruising to a popular tourist destination.

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